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Syria/Russia: Incendiary Weapons Burn in Aleppo, Idlib


Syria/Russia: Incendiary Weapons Burn in Aleppo, Idlib

Human Rights Watch (HRW)

Beirut - The joint Syrian-Russian military operation has been using incendiary weapons, which burn their victims and start fires, in civilian areas of Syria in violation of international law, Human Rights Watch said today. Incendiary weapons have been used at least 18 times over the past nine weeks, including in attacks on the opposition-held areas in the cities of Aleppo and Idlib on August 7, 2016.



Apology: I cannot discuss Syria without also discussing The Ukraine.

So, hockeyscout, you are in The Ukraine and therefore possibly are able to sort out the answer to the following questions more easily than anyone in the United States of Murk.

Why does Donald Trump never mention the name of Victoria Nuland, righty, and Samantha Power, lefty, in connection to their role in overthrowing the legitimately elected regime of Viktor Yanukovych, as pointed out in all of the non-refuted articles by Robert Parry?

Similarly, why does Hillary Clinton never mention the names of Power and Nuland whenever the subject of the Ukraine war is brought up?

Could Trump's reticence have to do with his campaign manager Paul Manifort's previous employment by Yanukovych?

Could Clinton's reticence have to do with her well known habit of regime change?

Wrap-around bumper sticker: Elect Jill Stein or Gary Johnson by first convincing Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to resign.


Where is HRW when the Israelis use these types of weapons. That is why I am highly skeptical of these accusations.


It is probably the most bizarre apology statement I ever heard. I do not think even political operatives in Fox News can pivot such drastically from unrelated story condemning Russian actions in Syria to Ukraine via conspiracy theory and at the end producing even more far fetched illogical explanation .


And HRW with Fallujah? White phosphorous used. Where was ewui3valent outrage at that use and DU rounds?


Actual regime change in one place. Attempted regime change in the other. That is the connection.