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Syria’s Nightmarish Narrative


Syria’s Nightmarish Narrative

Robert Parry

The Saudi-Israeli alliance, in league with other hard-line Sunni countries, is helping Al-Qaeda affiliates advance toward gaining either victory or at least safe havens in Syria and Yemen, highlighting unresolved contradictions in President Barack Obama’s policies in the Middle East.


This is taking 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend" a little too far.

We’re helping our ‘allies’ help Al-Qaeda because we want to depose Assad.

Why do we want to depose Assad? Because Israel and Saudi Arabia want to depose Assad.

You’d think after seeing what happened in Iraq and Afghanistan there would be a better understanding of the chaos and power vacuum that results from the violent overthrow of governments.

This is obviously not in the interests of the U.S. but when have neocons ever worried about that?