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Syria: What Would Boots on the Ground Look Like?


Syria: What Would Boots on the Ground Look Like?

Peter Van Buren

Pressure on the White House to escalate the Syria/Iraq war has no doubt intensified post-Paris.

Should Islamic State take things further and strike an American civilian target, President Barack Obama would be all but forced to “do something.” What would that “something” likely look like, and what might be the pitfalls?


That phrase always ticks me off.
It's as if everyone must now use warrior-speak, and I'm sick of it.

Nothing against the article or the author. I just want that phrase to go away.

Since 2001, certain words and phrases have come into wide use, or at least into a new kind of use

Boots on the ground.
Drone strike
Enhanced interrogation.
Shock and awe.

And I must not forget "massive", now used for basically anything and everything, to the point that it has become almost meaningless.

. Feel free to add to the list. These are all I can think of at the moment.

My point is that a definite change in our "American English" language- public language in particular- has both described and supported the post-2001 war state that used to be the United States.
Using these terms seems like bad luck to me.


While Van Buren may know a thing about tactical maneuvers, the TONE of this analysis sounds like that of a dentist determining which tooth to extract. There are always Eichmanns on both sides of the Atlantic.