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Syrian Civil War: Why the Endless Conflict Is at a Decisive Point


Syrian Civil War: Why the Endless Conflict Is at a Decisive Point

Patrick Cockburn

The Syrian peace talks between government and opposition will begin in the next few days in Geneva in an atmosphere of almost undiluted gloom about the prospects for success. The two sides hate each other and have spent five years trying to kill each other, making it unlikely that they will agree to share power in any way except geographically, with each side keeping the territory it currently holds and defending it with its own armed forces.


This is not a Civil war as much as it was an invasion of Syria by proxy armies of the United States and the puppet states of Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The vast majority of ISIS fighters are foreigners , many of them openly acknowledged to have been trained by the United States of America and many of them supplied by the same with armanents.

It interesting to note that while Assaad is claimed to have been weakened , ISIS has been driven from much of the areas they once controlled. In response to that the USA and Turkey send in boots on the ground. Turkey just sent troops into Syria to occupy towns once held by ISIS and as per reports meet NO RESISTANCE.

The same with US forces that occupy an area of Syria and now build an airport there.

This tells me one thing, that even as ISIS continues to fight against the Syrian and Russian forces they leave territory they once held to be occupied by Turkey and the USA. The logical conclusion to be drawn is this. The Turks and The USA are alarmed at the advances made by Syria. Their ISIS allies are not very likely to hold onto much of the lands they currently control. In order to ensure Syria does not restablish control over the same, the US and Turkey will replace ISIS forces in these regions under the guise of fighting ISIS but in reality still controlling that geographical area.

This will free up more of the diminishing ISIS forces so as to be used against the Syrian Government.


There is a good discussion at The Empire Files between Vijay Prashad and Abby Martin.



I think the long term objectives of the USA in the Middle east are the same they have been for over a half century. They are the same reasons for the NATO bombing campaign against Yugoslavai. They are the same reasons for the Coup in the Ukraine.

The ultimate goal is to get Russia. The US wishes to assert control over the Middle East energy supplies in the hopes this will shift EU consumption of energy to Middle Eastern sources rather then Russia. This will keep the EU in the Western fold .


I think you misunderestimate (to borrow a classic Dubya term) the capacity of the transnational deep state for duplicity. They are NOTORIOUS for playing both ends (or more accurately, multiple ends) against the middle. They are NOTORIOUS for using proxies and then stabbing them in the back, throwing them under the bus when the time seems most expedient.

The Kurds and the Turks are both being manipulated and used by the transnational deep state, which has of course assimilated the US government along with all of the other NATO block nations. There is certainly an interesting paradox here for the Kurds - they cannot be oblivious to the fact that they are being sodomized by their "allies" as they continue to do their bidding. They must know that the promises they are given mean nothing, but unfortunately for them their leaders are bought and paid for and they have no other options at this stage.


You nailed it, Suspira.


The history of western intelligence agencies recruiting and co-opting key figures in Kurdish resistance groups in Turkey, Iraq, Iran, and Syria goes back a century or more. I'm certainly not saying that ALL Kurdish leaders have fallen prey to these tactics, but this has been a long established pattern with Kurdish groups just as it has with a great many other groups in the so called "Arc of Crisis". The cartel deep state cultivates their connections with a multitude of groups that are actively hostile to each other, giving them support and weapons to further their aims of destabilization and fragmentation in order to make the region ungovernable and more vulnerable to their divide and conquer strategy.

Here is a timeline that shows some of the history of this duplicitous and manipulative pattern:

(google up the following) : pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/shows/saddam/kurds/cron.html