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Syrian Independent Media Offers Bold Challenge to Extremism


Syrian Independent Media Offers Bold Challenge to Extremism

Julia Taleb

On January 10, the Nusra Front, an al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group in Syria, stormed the headquarters of Radio Fresh in Kafranbel and arrested its director Raed al-Fares and journalist Hadi Abdullah. The flag of the Syrian revolution was thrown on the floor and al-Nusra members stepped on it and forced the station’s members to do the same.


The bio for the author of this article states she has written for Middle East Institute, and the Atlantic Council. Both of these think tanks promote regime change in Syria and elsewhere. The Voice of America is a known propaganda outlet of the US Government. The Union of Revolutionary Bureaus (URB) sounds good but looking a little closer at its bona fides shows it was incorporated in Indiana in 2013. Funny it has 475 employees. Where is the money coming for that? The person who incorporated the URB can be seen on video calling for regime change in Syria and stating unequivocally that Assad poisoned his own people with sarin gas in 2013, even though it is most likely not true. Raed al Fares has received funding from Spirit of America which is staffed by former military with Ret. General Stanley McChrystal on the Advisory Board.

It caught my eye that the author of the article had written for Neocon type outfits as well as writing for Voice of America, so I decided to do a little research. Something seems fishy. I found this info in the NYTimes and on the Spirit Of America website. I am new to Common dreams so I’m not allowed to link.


Well done. Very interesting. You will be quickly disproven if what you claim is false.

re, the poison gas; It happened about 1.5 miles from Assad’s bedroom window. He has bungled badly but must be smarter than a poison gas attack so close to home.


You nailed it and sad to see this at cd


Yea, but she’s pretty. Isn’t that the only requirement of the American propaganda machine? Great study treevole!!


You know, there are certain phrases that one just cannot use to write about politics and stay clean. The terms that characterize people as being of one part of the political spectrum to another particularly have just been dragged through so the fecal matter of so much propaganda that the words can no longer at once be applied to both the affiliations that they would name and the qualities that they would describe.

Extremism, really?

The basics here is that US and Saudi agents undertook to fund various groups within Syria so as to destabilize the government and put important points of access between Russian and Central Asian hydrocarbons and the Mediterranean into Western and mostly US hands. The US action, fundamentally, was to pay for the mercenaries or rebels, to whatever extent they were one or the other, and then, when they started to win, to bomb them and the surrounding population.

This makes a lot more sense if one bears in mind that US rulers really did intend to create a mess. In general, the principle seems to be to create as much trouble as possible for other economic centers–something those of us who are exploring ways of opting out of the global economy would do well to bear in mind.

Extremists? Extremely what, pray tell? Even acknowledging the extreme violence of ISIS and ISIL (and why would one not?), setting them aside as such makes no sense. The word reeks of spoiled usage.


Both Russia and Syria offered to hold Internationaly monitored elections inside of Syria within 6 months.

The USA , champion of Democracy refused outright unless Assad was disqualified from running. Since the start of the war Assad has ever growing support and is seen by many as a hero for fighting off the foreign backed terrorists. The US fears Assad would win the election outright.

They pulled the same stunt in Korea and later in Vietnam wherein once determining that their man would not win , they armed and supported thugs which lead to the death of MILLIONS of people.


The purpose of this article is to support the PNAC regime change plan. This article paints a dishonest picture and is disinformation, rather than information.

Some things in this article are true, but in general the article attempts to paint the CIA armed and trained “rebellion” as if it happened on its own. The reality, though is that this rebellion would not have had legs to stand on without CIA support. The reality is that they receive arms and training from the CIA as part of the second attempt at the Syria part of the PNAC regime change plan exposed back in the early days of President GWB.

The oil/arms convoys between ISIS and Turkey have been exposed. McCain in the Senate asked Ash Carter why the arms convoys to ISIS have not been interfered with. Ash Carter says that these convoys were allowed to continue on “humanitarian grounds”. Can anyone believe that? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0oJHcVg6gc
It has been ongoing up until it was closed down by the Russian air force, in February this year.

That these “rebels” have been trained in Jourdan has been documented. That direct shipments of these arms to the “syrian rebels” have been been handed over to Al Nusra has been documented several times.

The British military information service “Janes” recently published the transport solicitation for 81 containers of weapons to be delivered to these extremely well armed “rebels” :- http://www.moonofalabama.org/2016/04/us-delivers-3000-tons-of-weapons-and-ammo-to-al-qaeda-co-in-syria.html

I quote from the Wall Street Journal:-

In the past month of intensifying Russian airstrikes, the CIA and its partners have increased the flow of military supplies to rebels in northern Syria, including of US-made TOW antitank missiles, these officials said. … Those supplies will continue to increase in coming weeks, replenishing stocks depleted by the regime’s expanded military offensive. An Obama administration official said the military pressure is needed to push Mr. Assad from power.

Back in 2003, I would never have joined CD if they supported the invasion of Iraq. I joined as an outlet and a way of contacting others, as was necessary for my sanity, and to denounce the invasion. But on CD in 2016, when we talk about Syria at all, we find articles that support the CIA regime change in Syria. It is very disappointing.


I think that we truly have to consider that the reality that exists in the Middle East is the reality desired by our Neocon dominated State Dept. and the Obama administration. A 2004 Defense Science Task Force commissioned by Donald Rumsfeld stated the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan contributed to terrorism. Well the wars continue, morph, and expand, enhanced by drone strikes hither and yon. The US continues assisting the Saudi monarchy, one of the harshest regimes on the planet and the one most directly implicated in non state terrorism via al Qaeda, Jabhat al Nusra and ISIS. I have wracked my brains to try to understand how my country pretzeled itself in the Middle East and especially WHY. Why destroy country after country, each failed state worse than the last. Why demand Assad’s ouster while ISIS took control of Aleppo, a major city, and other areas of north Syria. Why allow ISIS to fund their operations with Syrian and Iraqi oil using another US ally Turkey to transit the oil out while more Isis fighters and supplies transited in. I should get a migraine from this !


I had exactly the same suspicions when I read the author’s bio. Good work.