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Syria's President Assad: US Airstrikes a Recruiting Bonanza for ISIS


Syria's President Assad: US Airstrikes a Recruiting Bonanza for ISIS

Jon Queally, staff writer

In an interview with Charlie Rose that aired on CBS News' 60 Minutes Sunday night, Syria's President Bashar al-Assad said American airstrikes that began last year against Islamic State (or ISIS) inside his country are doing little to benefit his own fight against the militant force but are having the undesirable side effect of increasing the number of fighters from across the region (and the world) who are flocking to join the group.


“Launching war doesn’t make you a great power.” - True, but if you have a massive arms industry it does make those arms manufacturers very rich.


Syria sits in Bibi’s wet dream of Greater Israel like the world sits on Imperial States of America’s oil…


President Assad: US airstrikes a recruiting bonanza for ISIS.

But President Assad, that is the whole idea!


President Assad either doesn’t realize, or is afraid to mention that everything he is pointing out is actually the plan. The Neocons want endless, ever spreading war on both the military and economic fronts.

  • This was planned long ago. Read the Project for a New American Century. Look at the signature page.
  • There is a target list in there that goes right along with what is happening currently. The United States Fourth Reich is to expand its military into unbeatable power (at the expense of the taxpayers) and be ready for multi-front wars around the world.
  • It is to hammer the world into submission, while also fighting an economic war that will being the rest of the world into poverty, including its own “people of no particular importance.”
  • Look around you. Do you think this is just stupidity? It is carefully crafted and may well work. The ultimate goal is world power, run by a hundred or so very wealthy and powerful men, who right now own or control more of the world’s resources and wealth than the rest of the world combined, and they want it all!
  • Since these guys have pretty well managed Mussolini’s wet dream, it would be poetic justice if they could share how it came out for him, hanging by his heels over a pig pen while people pelted his body with filth and rocks.
  • Of course, we’re too civilized for that, we just elect and re-elect them or give them billion dollar bonuses…


There’s also a video (used to be on YouTube) of an interview with Richard Perle back before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In it Perle says that the goal is for the US to “surround Israel with democracies.”

Did you get a chance to watch Rose’s interview with Assad?



Ground breaking stuff, only about a decade late for this interview Charlie


Too bad mad woman not so bright was never asked to explain what she meant by that infamous quote: “We think it was worth it”.


Assad is hinting at what is going on. Why does the US fail at all wars. They do not fail. The USA’s action indicate it is the sworn enemy of democracies. Working democracies benefit the public. Installing tin pot dictators is anti-democratic.

Destroying nations so American corporate looters can step in is the goal.

America is ISIS. America is Al Qaeda. Or do those groups just appear wherever America builds a democracy by coincidence?