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Syriza Clings to Power But Troika's "Financial Terrorism" Real Winner in Greece


Syriza Clings to Power But Troika's "Financial Terrorism" Real Winner in Greece

Jon Queally, staff writer

Led by Alexis Tsipras, the tumultuous political saga of the Syriza party in Greece continued on Sunday and overnight as the left-wing coalition party claimed victory in snap elections against their conservative rivals despite acceptance earlier this year of a new round of austerity measures imposed by the nation's foreign creditors in exchange for new loan packages.

With nearly all votes counted, Syriza secured 145 seats in the 300-seat parliament with just over 35% of the vote compared to the center-right New Democracy's 28% and 75 seats.


I wonder if the Troika is planning on ultimately mobilizing sufficient numbers of goons to overcome what is left of the Greek Army to enforce their dreams of privatization. Only a write down of the Greek debt could have given the economy a chance. The neoliberal war by debt continues to be positively sickening. I shall eat a gyro today to celebrate Tsipras' victory, nonetheless.


When the Nazis took Hellas, they came in with machine guns and tanks. The Greeks fought back!
* Now the new Nazis have taken Hellas with ledgers and false "loans" and Hellas is enslaved and raped again. The Troika's Quisling is in charge and the Greek People are told that the Troika is giving yet another phony loan from their own pockets, most of which funnels right through Greece and back to the pockets of the Troika, with interest paid by the Greek People. Meanwhile they are to be starved and humiliated yet again while the Troika's wealthy friends and backers get to buy whatever is left of value in the "Cradle of Democracy."
* The severity of this "new" austerity program is to punish Hellas for having stood up on its own two feet and rejecting the Troika, and to teach other poor nations living under the lash of austerity, unemployment and hunger that they had better not ever expect to get out from under the lash.
* The N.A.S.D.A.P. (Nazi Party) lives again, and is morphing into the world government that Hitler dreamed of seventy odd years ago, run by the US Fourth Reich and the rapacious Troika. (And the rich get richer and get Greek toys to play with.)
* So sad, and so unnecessary.


Other reports hint that most Greeks boycotted the election. Those who voted have proven they will do anything to be able to borrow more money to give their oligarchy so it can grow even wealthier on the backs of the people.


It is no secret what is going to happen. Tsipras will cut more pensions and old people will die. Then he'll cut whatever social services are left and the very young will die along with others from lack of health care, etc. It may be that Golden Dawn and the CP will fill some of the political space but more people will try and survive in the underground economy. Organized crime will thrive. The dictatorship of the one percent a.k.a. the Troika won't care one bit, not as long as they get their interest payments. They, the dictatorship, just don't care anymore about the regular people, that is, us. That's why they really are worse than Nazi's. As despicable as the Nazi's were, at least they had a tribe. The one percent only worship money.


This earns a systic ping with the obvious question being, "What's he gonna do now!?" Catalonia's probably with him and all those generally tired of the old ways that deny the public a mature transparency.

The time is passed when humanity can allow those who rule to do so secretly to preserve their hegemony. We miss the true benefits of technology when all manner of expression is ruled by indecent indifference to the vitality that is life. They are ruining your day and it's time to stop tolerating that.


do you use voting machines over there?


don't think that's in the cards. Tsipras seems to be another Obama.


Now if all Greeks decided to migrate to Germany as they are entitled to do, as part of the EU...........................?


So much for Democracy Now!