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Syriza: The Greek spring


Syriza: The Greek spring

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Costas Douzinas

According to an oft-repeated cliché, the recent Syriza victory has historic significance. Its place in history books as the first elected left government in Europe is assured. But its importance goes further. The Syriza victory is an important marker in three historical periods or concentric cycles that started in 1949, 1968 and 1989.


I have to laugh at the naiveté. The Greek Spring will last as long as politicians will resist massive bribes and threats that undermine, subvert and destroy any and all nascent “democracies”. Democracies with “representatives”, not directly from people’s referendums.


Syriza is turning out to be quite a bit more than an ideological style statement, which seems to be the focus of this article.
For instance, I really liked the finance minister’s proposal delivered to the Eurobankers (and especially to Frau Merkel, hereafter to be known as “the sour kraut”) during their big meeting.
He reminded the gathered financial leeches that in 1953, at the London debt conference, in the wake of the devastation of World War II, these same nations (along with the US) canceled most of the debt of the Nazi regime in an effort to learn from the devastation that followed WW I after the victorious allies imposed strict austerity on Germany and paved the way for the rise of the Nazi regime in Germany. All Syriza is asking for is a fifty percent reduction of their foreign debt.
If it was good enough for postwar Germany, then why not also Greece? Syriza also advocates a European wide tax on all stock transactions as a source of revenue for Europe. The Eurobankers and their parliamentary stooges have no better answer than to say, because we don’t want to". Their program for stabilizing the Greek economy is being called “the New Deal” by Syriza. These are the parts of the Syriza story conveniently overlooked by the MSM when they report on the blunt encounters between them and the European establishment.