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'Systematic Assault on Legitimacy of Our Election': Trump Launches Conspiratorial Attack on Mail-In Voting

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/22/systematic-assault-legitimacy-our-election-trump-launches-conspiratorial-attack-mail

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Which is easier to rig, touch screen voting machines or mail in voting?

I think likely touch screen voting machines.

But neither is invulnerable to manipulation by two parties determined to rig votes.


The BLM protesters need to seg their protests into a saving the US Postal Service protest or they will not have a chance of voting out some of the dyed-in-the-wool racists.


Is it illegal to catapult a package of Depends onto the steps of the White House? Asking for a friend.


Our choice for president is trump vs biden…

I’d say the systemic assault on the legitimacy of our elections is complete, Mission accomplished.


A great visual idea. But perhaps more practical is every citizen simply sending a package of Depends through the postal service addressed to the Baby Bunker Boy at the White House. This would also have the effect of financially helping the postal service to keep it afloat. Could you imagine millions of boxes of Depends arriving at the White House.


I turned in my request for a mail in ballot today.
Fuck Bunker Bitch.


Bev Harris
Black Box Voting dot org

Funny we only here about voting problems every 4 years like a clock, not funny at all.

It looks to me like Trump is already rigging the election in November because we know if Trump loses he will want a recount and claim he lost because of mail fraud. I think that is why Trump is now ATTACKING MAIL-IN VOTING and planting the seed of mail fraud so he can say in November: " SEE I TOLD YOU SO"!

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More than demanding our pound of flesh but our very lives to vote against this aspiring dictator/mass murderer who has stellar healthcare and daily tests for COVID-19 while millions of us have to go without.

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Screw elections. Run this rat bastard out on a rail. If we don’t, we deserve every knife he is sticking in our backs.


What a travesty!


Did the same the other day and have done so before.


True, but so is the multiple crisis facing us and two of them are existential in nature.

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Thank you. Big difference.

It would not surprise me if the Establishment Dem “panic” and rush to make sure Biden became the nominee before Covid-19 took firm hold was motivated by the realization that Trump was imploding and the system was imploding and exposing the class and race divides, so people would take a serious look at a candidate like Sanders.

Without some major shenanigans by Trump (that none of us should stand for), Biden is highly likely to “win” the election. So the question becomes, are we going to put up with a weak and tepid Biden OR force his admin and Congress to get in line with the necessary change.

Asking for a friend sounds an awful lot like “I was just joking” which is a favorite dodge from trump.
From now on when there are suggestions on what to do with trump I’ll only be suggesting of a friend.

In a recent interview, Attorney General William Barr argued that such provisions “open the floodgates to fraud” and could even deny Americans the right to a secret ballot since they would have to put their name on the envelope when they mail their ballots. (Source: ~https://www.rt.com/usa/492579-trump-election-rigged-mail-ballots/ ----RT provided no link to the Barr interview.)

Kentucky requires the voter’s signature on the ballot envelope and on the return envelope. The signature on the ballot envelope does compromise the integrity of the secret ballot to a small extent: If the vote counter knows a particular voter’s party preference, the counter could try to trash that ballot - and hope that none of the monitors sees him or her do it. It’s hypothetically possible, but it’s a long-shot - and the only reason why it’s possible is that Kentucky’s Republican government requires a signature on the ballot envelope. That’s where ballot secrecy is compromised.

Pennsylvania requires a signature on the return envelope, but warns voters that any extraneous mark on the ballot envelope will disqualify it. That’s how to maintain the integrity of the ballots. It’s very easy. Any first-year employee at an accounting/auditing firm could design a nearly foolproof vote-by-mail system, and the good systems now in place are secure.

Barr is bullshitting us.