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Ta-Nehisi Coates, 'Unflinching' Voice on Racism, Declared MacArthur Genius



A well deserved award. It may also be a good time now to read or reread James Baldwin's The Fire Next Time.


I've seen several of his interviews on late night TV, and found him exceptionally thoughtful for anyone allowed on television. I've had a request in for his book at the local library for a while now.


Things are looking up . It is a real sign of hope that Coates was awarded for his excellent and cogent analyses of the rot at the foundation of the republic . May he enjoy it in good health !


Though I've heard his name, I haven't read or seen this guy - but I am concerned about the reparations issue. It seems to me what we really need is redistribution of wealth across the board. It's about taking down this system, otherwise capitalist accumulation and the associated oppression of those who have more against those who have less, will just continue.