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Tainted Honey: Bee-Poisoning Pesticides Found anGlobally


Tainted Honey: Bee-Poisoning Pesticides Found anGlobally

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Lead researcher says there were "relatively few places where we did not find any" samples contaminated with neonics known to harm bees

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In case anyone is interested, bees are not “pests,” but are critical to many forms of agriculture because of their critical role in the pollination cycle.

Oh, never mind, social media are all A-Twitter with the “Africanization” of bees and they are going to take over the world by stinging humanity out of existence (unless climate change, nuclear poisons and toxic pollution do the job first).

This article has to do with science and reality. Nothing here to see. No pissing on Trump or whatever. Boring. Time to move on. Say What?


The end could come in a very different way-----Mother Nature getting rid of one large pest.


Just like DDT, Neonicotinoids and Glyphosate should be banned! The endless profusion of chemical compounds threatens our food supply. Then we starve.


There is more bullshit on social media than there is on a huge cattle ranch.


There is no such thing as nuclear poison, perhaps you mean ionizing radiation in which case there are no reported mass events of extinction due to radiation.


The last person on Earth will look to a cloudless, burning sky and wonder “What the hell happened?”


Try looking at Pacific Ocean that since 2011 has been seeing mass extinction of every form of mammal, fish, bird and animal wildlife, crustaceans and invertabrates that includes single cell orgaisms as well.
Take a look at mutations of bird, insects fish and plants in Japan that cannot reproduce.
Nay sayers have been getting away with saying that minute amounts of radiation is harmless because while it causes cancers readily it may take many years to come to fruition in humans.
10to 20 years after exposure a liver, brain, holes in hearts cancers appear and nay sayers always say no evidence.


The sanctity of the environment and the rights of nature are new ideas around the world, though not entirely unknown. The task today appears to include ever more constant vigilance in celebration of the advancing intelligence of humanity that can recognize these places where the reckless, perhaps unknowing enthusiasm for profit has caused many to sanction a sort of careless irresponsibility that the wisdom of intelligence, maturely shared can free us all from with a minimum of embarrassment.


The use of neonics is not confined to Bees, they are just the messenger.

Neonics are systemic pesticides. Unlike contact pesticides, which remain on the surface of the treated foliage, systemics are taken up by the plant and transported to all the tissues (leaves, flowers, roots and stems, as well as pollen and nectar).


Exactly, but what they do to our food actually works the same way it does on pests, we are the living examples or long term studies of why they should not be used in industrial food production. Food is degraded and requires more to meet nutritional requirements. In other words you start starving long before there is food scarcity.


Actually they are not new, they have been practiced for thousands of years and at times abandoned in the name of progress. This is just another example of that progress and will no doubt have the same outcome.


Now that’s funny. Vacationing in Fukushima this year? Or maybe the Ural Mountains. Or maybe Hanford WA. Or maybe Savanna GA. Or maybe the Bikini Atoll. Or maybe the desert around Almagordo. Or maybe Kazakistan? Or maybe Chernobyl. Or maybe Selafield. Or maybe Iraq. Etc. Or maybe the uranium mines on Indian Nations and around the globe. Or maybe the “low-level” nuclear and nuclearized “low-level” garbage dumps around the nation. Nobody poisoned there.

Uh-uh. Not a’tall. All the sickness and cancers were caused by smoking, the ubiquitous “other factors,” and "background radiation. It’s all good. Have a nice day :sunglasses:


I find your comment far more interesting. You have already made it apparent that you have very little knowledge of radiation and nuclear science with your “nuclear poison” comment, but now you have decided to fully show your ignorance. How you suggest that Fukushima Bikini Atol, Hanford, Kazakistan and the Ural mountains illustrates a complete lack of understanding the difference in radioactive material. One is a nuclear reactor, one is the testing sight of a atomic bomb, one is a nuclear reprocessing site, one is a depleted uranium battlefield, and one is a geological location of radioactive material. All of these are completely different in the amount of material, type of material, scenario of contamination etc.

If you want to remove all the uranium in the world for fear of sickness you may go quite insane as this entire planet and all of its organism currently are and have forever been radioactive. Every breath you take, every drink you sip, every bite you consume and everything you touch is radioactive. Our organs themselves contain radioactive Carbon 14. Now before you attempt to rip yourself apart for fear of poisoning perhaps take a moment to actually do some real research into radiation.


Determining the actual risk of radiation is quite difficult to measure, ill give you that. However, your delusions of the scale of harm are quite exceptional. The issue with calculating risk is everything is based on probability. There is a probability that an organism will be affected by a specific type of isotope that may cause damage, and then there is a probability that that organisms DNA structure will fix the problem in such a way that cancer cells will form, and then there is a probability that the organism will die from the specific cancer cells that were caused by the ionizing radiation. This calculation becomes even more difficult when many of the most potent isotopes have only medium lived half lives allowing for less disintegration per second of decay particles.

In regards to man made radioactive materials there are only a couple that humans have formulated and most of them are transuranics. The isotopes that we are most concerned of however, also exist in nature as nuclear fission generates heat in the earth at the mantle and inner crust.


There is no pristine Eden area left on the globe. Do a blood test - same contaminates are in everyone’s blood. Low PPB levels. Re: bees - Beekeepers lost nowhere near 33% of their colonies last year or any other year for that matter. Since 2006 when the misnomer CCD was trotted out - by an environmental “journalist” who didn’t do their fact checking, the number of colonies in the US has soared from 2.1 million to 3.1 million in 2016. A 50% increase. For several years running, the 4 major metrics for the beekeeping / honey production / pollination industry have been on the rise. 1-number of colonies, 2-total pounds produced, 3-pounds per hive, 4-price per pound. The average losses for commercial beekeepers who operate 98% of the colonies in the US has averaged 8% - 12% every year for many decades. Steven Lechner, Busy Bee Farm, Larkspur, Colorado. #fakebeenews #beenews #fakenews


Its very possible (in fact, its inevitable) that those bees that are sensitive to these neonics have been (or are being) ‘bred out’ of existence. Is that a good thing? I don’t know. I guess people who are sensitive to all these poisons we are putting into the environment will also be bred out of existence…

Thank you capitalism gone wild!! :open_mouth:


The point is humans have created a toxic soup with no regard to what the ripple effect will be as long as there is money coming in. We have three closed systems we and all living things need to survive and because of our arrogance and lack of imagination have pretty much damaged our water, air and earth beyond repair. To quibble about using the correct word/term is mute. Right now the battle cry should be nothing less than to save the bees. Ban the substances that harm them-now! Then the ripple effect of just that ban will begin to correct the water, air and earth.


And now you must prove that nuclear reactors are directly harming bees


Spare us your faux-scientist pro-nuke word salad gibberish disinformation! no evidence of nuclear radiation ever harming anything right? We must “prove” nukes are deadly? BS! Fukushima is just another “ordinary” nuke-energy source harmless error - nothing to see there, move along - the mark of the troll and disinformation shill is their focus on only one issue subject like your focus on cheerleading the nuke industry, deprecating anyone that criticizes nuke slow-death by radiation - just “collateral” damage, eh? hey, banannas put-out more radiation that fukushima, right? Claiming the “absurdity” of numerous safe and green energy sources also a mark of the disinformation agent…begone troll! GFYS