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Take a Memo, Devin Nunes


Take a Memo, Devin Nunes

Michael Winship

Watching the saga of the Nunes Memo and the constant Republican attempts to protect and cover for Donald Trump and his minions, no matter how great the purported crime, I keep thinking back to a 2004 movie that didn’t get the attention it deserved.


Well said Michael Winship. You have effectively unraveled a tangled web of deceit that the citizens of this country are being fed on a regular basis.


Hate to burst this author’s bubble; but:

If you haven’t seen thist yet, you might be interested in Maria Bartiromo’s interview of former FBI Assistant Director James Kallstrom and Rep. John Ratcliffe. Ratcliffe, former U.S. Attorney under the DOJ, is one of only three people in Congress who have read all of the intel behind “the memo”.

Maria Bartiromo blasts James Comey as “The King of Weasels”. Twitter erupts is agreement (Video) - Feb 3, 2018 – FoxNews

“Full disclosures weren’t made to the FISA Court.”.

“The information was bogus; it was made up; it was phony. …This is a serious serious matter: Criminal contempt; false statements; conspiracy to lie to the court; denying civil rights under the color of law; perjury. I mean, these are serious, serious things. I don’t think we seen but 1 to 2 percent of what we’re about to see. We haven’t talked about the unmaskings, the activity of Obama’s National Security Council, Uranium One, and all this host of other things. And, this is bad stuff. … I think there’s a possible obstruction of justice, along with the perjury. The Federal Records Act has been violated numerous times. On the Hillary Clinton case, that was just a sham investigaton. Comey brought all investigations on Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, anything to do with the Obama administration, into headquarters. So a whole investigative FBI out there in the field offices was basically cut off from these investigations. So, they knew nothing of it; and, it was this small group of people that conducted this sham investigation. …there was so much evidence of Hillary Clinton’s violation of about 12 federal statutes that you could fill up a pick up truck with what was just laying around.”


“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”

― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland


Winship sez: “Call it projection, call it a monumental lack of self-awareness, call it just plain stupidity …”

If this is a multiple-choice quiz, I’m going with d) All of the above.


Another true-believer in the neocon russia narrative . . .
What the memo really exposes the collusion between the DNC and the FBI in an attempt to dig up dirt on Trump. It exposes the corruption of our political system though it does not vindicate Trump or undermine the continuing FBI investigation of his business ties, conflicts of interests or attempts at collusion. Like an old noir movie, there are no “good guys” in this picture. The result, beyond the ramped up accusations flying between partisan true-believers is that this will further undermine any confidence in the legitimacy of our electoral processes, our media and our government – and with good reasons.

Lack of legitimacy is a real problem that can devolve to anarchy or spur us to demand a more accountable, legitimate government. The latter requires we pull back from partisan insanity and look at the issues with clear, untainted judgment. Ajamu Baraka gets it right.. Both corporate parties are corrupt to the core, our intelligence and national security apparatus have become the most secretive and powerful (unconstitutional) wing of government. Our commercial media are embedded in the process rather than separate enough to be critical or legitimate sources of information. These problems did not suddenly appear and, in fact, led us to where we are as a dangerously aggressive divided country led by hucksters, thieves and corporate moguls wreaking untold disaster around the world. This is hardly what the founders of our country envisioned, what so many died to preserve or what sane citizens want. The memo is the tip of a very ugly iceberg that defines the corrupt corporate empire we have become.