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Take Away My Employer-Based Health Insurance. Please.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/06/take-away-my-employer-based-health-insurance-please

"Centrist Democrats Are Hazardous To Your Health."


Based on the 1" thick binder of paperwork and hours of phone calls to correct billing errors that resulted from my hip fracture that was limited to 2 weeks of tests, 2 months of consultations, 1 month of physical therapy and included no surgery, the author’s assertion that he “kind of makes me want to get cancer” is not the least bit humorous when you consider how many victims go bankrupt while filling filing cabinet drawers with paperwork related to their cancer treatment.

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Required reading for Joe Biden and MSNBC hosts.

Second, another angle often overlooked. Came to me from a union man fighting for health benefits back in the 1940’s. When workers come to work healthy, productivity and safety goes up.

Wouldn’t that augment returns with investment in M4A?

"Colorado Senator Michael Bennet made this sound more foreboding: The plan backed by Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris, he warned, would make employer-based health coverage in this country “illegal.” "

The Colorado Senator got it wrong. Warren and Harris are not against keeping the for-profit health insurance industry in the mix.

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This argument that employed people have choice of insurers is just patently false.

  • An employee has no choice other than the one the employer provides. Which who knows how it was negotiated.

  • And after that, an employee with “insurance” has no choice on the quantity and quality of care, which is dictated to her and her doctor in every single step of the process.

  • And. Statistically speaking, round numbers show that half the country is either covered by medicaid, medicare, veteran, or not covered, while only half the population is subjected to this choice/no choice nonsense.

Getting employers out of the health care business is something that I would celebrate both as a citizen and as an Human Resources Director.

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At my company, there are 4 choices. I am penned in to the one that covers our pediatrician that my wife used before we met but in any case I hate alll 4 options compared to M4A which I desperately want.