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Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now


Take Down the Confederate Flag—Now

Ta-Nehisi Coates

On Wednesday night, Dylann Roof walked into a Charleston church, sat for an hour, and then killed nine people. Roof’s crime cannot be divorced from the ideology of white supremacy which long animated his state nor from its potent symbol—the Confederate flag. Visitors to Charleston have long been treated to South Carolina’s attempt to clean its history and depict its secession as something other than a war to guarantee the enslavement of the majority of its residents. This notion is belied by any serious interrogation of the Civil War and the primary documents of its instigators.


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Let’s stress heavily that it is a battle flag, with all of the ramifications of that status. Their war is not over; they cherish it as part of their “moral” order. Over and over they pick the scab of hate because they like the taste of blood. Who gets relief first, the Palestinians in Israel or the African-Americans in South Carolina. It’s a jump ball with a hell of a hang time-no pun intended.


The Confederate Flag is a symbol of hate and racism throughout the world. In Ukraine: crossed flag pin


And this is the flag the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic Freedom fighters” are using:

There are no “good guys” in this conflict…


“[H]eritage not hate.”? They mean “Heritage of hate”. And here in my neck of the woods, the Northeast in a small rural town, a large Confederate flag was hung on the front door of a house right on Main Street. I showed up at the court in that town making my demands and stating why that flag had no business flying in our faces. It disappeared soon after. So we can all make a difference where we live and wherever racism rears its ugly and tiresome head.Take down that flag indeed!


Somebody ought to DDoS these pricks!


Ther are no “neo Nazis” in Kiev. Svoboda got 0.5% of the vote and has no seats in the government - the Kiev government is certainly neoliberal - but no different than the governments of most of you countries or Europe.


Of course they won’t take this flag down. They fly it for a reason, and are probably laughing over our outrage.