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Take It Down!: Symbolic Politics Is Just That

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/06/take-it-down-symbolic-politics-just


I have read several items re this and it seems that most often, the people at the top are way overpaid! Such as Disney, when it coxed early to make sure that the CEO types got there bonuses. I a!ways ike reading about those sm!!aer businesses who paid their employees we!! and they end up with more dedicated employees.
A!so, there seems to be a reverse idea that a 4 year degree is worth more than experience. Of course, when I got out of co!!ege, I was to!d I wou!d receive more pay with more experience----and oh how long that took to app!y. : )
I suppose that some wou!d !ike the “freedom,” to make as much as a person can, but honesty there have been quite a few CEOs who were asking way too much—and such an idea is si!!y----Extreme poverty does not offer much to the people or the nation----and sad!y what America seems to invest in most—is war. : (

[Booker T. Washington has dinner with the president]

When is the “White” House going to be renamed?
How about a building or ship with J. Edgar Hoover’s name?

Do you want to do something about slavery?

Don’t buy a cell phone.

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Mob rule and group think generate reversion to a substandard mental norm that can’t understand nuance or relativity. The herd becomes intolerant and easily manipulated.
As a society, we’re in the thick of it.

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Preventing or discouraging people from overtime is as old as overtime itself.

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