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'Take John Bolton to The Hague!': Peace Activists Protest Outside National Security Advisor's Home


'Take John Bolton to The Hague!': Peace Activists Protest Outside National Security Advisor's Home

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Peace activists with the group CODEPINK arrived at the home of National Security Advisor John Bolton early Tuesday morning to deliver a symbolic indictment for his participation in war crimes against the people of Venezuela, Palestine, Iran, and Iraq.

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John “Hate em All” Bolton must be taken to the Gallows.

The Hague would take to long.



Over 80% of Venezuelans oppose the brutal economic war the US is waging against the country, and over 80% oppose a military intervention (those that support the US invading are, literal, traitors, and would be seen as such here if they supported something like that against this country and our democracy). The US has very recently intensified the economic war, and the US did the exact same thing to Nicaragua in the 1980s, it supported violent fascists there too, and it held a gun to the head of the country collectively in the 1990 election to vote accordingly or it could get worse. Given the power differential and what the country went through, it finally voted as the mafia boss wanted it to and the torture was lessened. It was then up to institutions like the IMF to make things worse for working and poor people there. Could this lead to someone the US wants getting power? Sure, but they have no solutions and will only loot the country, and the blowback would necessitate full blown repression. Since the US’s actions have played a big role in Venezuela’s struggles, even if it did everything exactly the same on policy, its economy would improve, and the right would take credit for any improvement. But we all know what impact their policies will have, and the radical right in Venezuela are violent reactionaries that hate democracy and want to take back control of the thing that made THEM rich; the oil. If they implement the typical neoliberal program, it will turn out like it did in Venezuela in the late 1980’s and the early 1990’s, riots and coups will follow. And no chance, if the right is given power, that they will ever let the left win an election there, which complicates things.

I am not a Venezuelan, and so what I want doesn’t matter at all. But, if I was a Venezuelan, I would want a continuation of the revolution, but I would want to new leadership, and I would want corruption to be addressed. In other words, keep what has clearly uplifted people, correct what you can control. Hope imperialists and their lackeys fail in pressuring the country from outside.

I hate Bolton, he is a horrible person, should be tried for war crimes. I can’t go on TV and threaten him though. He, on the other hand, threatens entire countries, and destroyed a whole country and destabilized a region. It is against the law for a government to threaten another government with violence like he does. Maybe a lefty lawyer can do something about that?



Tar and feather him first.



I for one never hear about prosecutions, let alone convictions, by the World Court. Does anyone?

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Rather have Michael Bolton. At least he has talent and can do something worthy like … Sing!



Got that right. And hold him in Gitmo until his trial. And shave off that stupid mustache.



It’d be great to send him to The Hague except the US withdrew from compulsory jurisdiction in 1986:

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This Freak really needs to be judged in the Hauge for war crimes and crimes against humanity




Agree, except that they weren’t mistakes, they were deliberate policies, consequences be damned.



Hilarious, his neighbors don’t even like him.



You won’t see the mustache once he’s tarred and feathered.

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Very good. And the neighbor joined in. Evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate is unstoppable. And its funny, too.



Our Presidents for the past several decades and their advisers should all be taken to the Hague for war crimes, not just Bolton. Noam Chomsky has outlined crimes against humanity that all have committed.



Bolton is not neoconservative. He is an extreme right wing thug. Proto-fascist. Lock him up.

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Medea Benjamin is one of my favorite people.God bless her and CODEPINK



HI Harry _Pjotr: the U.S doesn’t belong any more? WHY–what happened in 1986?. I looked and Israel doesn’t seem to be there either. i am also amazed that news has reported that ,many in Europe are supporting the U.S. in this attack on Venezuela?
If it’s this easy for presidents to erase the laws now----we will seem to be forever in disarray—there is an irony in that-------UNITED states of DISARRAY. : (



The “neocons” are a specific group, founded in supposed “realism” by supposedly “formerly liberal” founders, whose primary allegiences are to ultra-Zionism, and to the USA as the dominant military and political force on Earth. Project for a New American Century, which brought us the 2003 Iraq War, was a neocon outfit. Bolton is a neocon.



Sorry, republicans and bankers are untouchable.

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Lock em up. Or let everyone else out of jail,. Even some of the murders are not as bad.