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'Take John Bolton to The Hague!': Peace Activists Protest Outside National Security Advisor's Home


Take John Bolton and Elliot Abrams to the Thunderdome.
Two men enter, one man leaves!

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Yes, Europe should be ashamed of itself to support the US in the attack on Venezuela !
It is frightening to see many European countries taking an extreme political right turn.
As to what happened in 1986: Nicaragua happened…


@stardustIBID Right, specifically, Nicaragua won a case against the USA, for mining their harbor i believe.
Yup, here’s the Wikipedia article:


The Republican Party should change its acronym to reflect its true nature: RICO.

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P.S. But since that is one-half of the name “Puerto Rico,” chances are slim that they’ll adopt it.


I would like to honor him with a cocktail! Who in their right mind wouldn’t?


Would that be a Molotov cocktail?

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O.K. webwalk, I agree. Can we call him a fascist?




A Robin Hood will someday arise from the ashes of democracy to see if there is anything left to fight for.


HI GANDOLF… sigh… I love that poem: “Turning and turning in the widening gyre, the falcon cannot hear the falconer—things fall apart, the center cannot hold… mere anarchy is loosed upon the world…”
II think it’s Yeats, but then I love Ozymandias, by Shelly and it seems just as valid.
I dream of Robin Hood meeting Ozymandias----and America is reborn like the Phoenix, rising from its own ashes : )