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Take On the Tech Mob Now or Perish

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/01/take-tech-mob-now-or-perish

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Yes anti-trust, yes enforce selling at a loss rules, yes they hold all the cards. Nothing new. It is by design. Shut down the people and what do you get.

If we just say, “Take on the mob,” the matter at hand becomes clearer, though Flanders observes well that this particular quadrant of the vampire octopus formerly called “elites” is growing dangerously.

Monopoly is a capital thing, not just a tech thing. Capital uses tech too, and we need to confront it there, too.

I wish I could come up with an really intelligent comment or even a witty one. All I can say is thank you Ms Flanders for your writing and your clear sight. I agree with what you wrote but I am in despair at living long enough to see any of it happen. I don’t to sound rude but the American public is really stupid, conditioned, and subservient. We are already a fascist country.

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism. Because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” Benito Mussolini


The US failure to control the virus is shaking our economy to the core. Only massive government payouts stopped the bottom dropping out. Those payouts are expiring.

Won’t August be interesting? The shaking continues unabated while death strolls unmolested with our peripatetic microbe, and now there’s no more money left over for actual people or hospitals or public health. USA started toppling to third-world status this year, courtesy of our endemic escort.

It’s all of a piece: even the impending Blue Ocean Event is another aspect of that which shakes us to the core. Shaking and baking. This is our story now: a situation so very perishable, nobody can reasonably hazard a guess about what the microbe will do next, old friends who have passed away seem lucky for it, and it’s an open question whether better knowledge can improve anyone’s situation, anymore.

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Direct your outrage appropriately. Amazon is destroying competitors and making quality of life worse. It started with the used bookstores, then B&N and Borders. Now Bezos has opened his own local book stores. How could you not put them out of business when you, Bezos, pay no tax for anything, can mail a book cheaper than a store can stock it by having it in a warehouse in the middle of nowhere that you get massive tax deductions for. So I can walk into Borders see a book for 100 and buy it from Bezos for 90. No sales tax, free delivery. Bezos mails 5 billion packages a year through the USPS and the USPS makes 6 billion on packages. Do the math. Apple has made out lives better. Google is a data collector but there service is worthwhile and DDG can compete with them. FB elected Trump.

Amen Sister, and say it again!

Those in charge need to be made to understand that ignoring the message will not make it go away. When the bottom falls out, and the existing policies have fallen into disrepute, maybe logic will finally be given serious consideration.