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Take the Movement to the White House


Take the Movement to the White House

Jim Hightower

At a recent dinner with my work team, I was reminded that I had said I wanted to travel less for work this year so I could focus on other projects. Instead, I find myself bouncing across the country campaigning for my friend who decided to run for president.


Bernie is a national treasure, and should not be squandered!


Thank you Jim for yet another meaningful, informative, and strong call to moral action by all citizens! We need many more voices like yours of conscience and dedication as well as citizen action; fortunately we have a strong voice for justice and the Common Good in Bernie Sanders, who as you write, has worked for those goals all his political life. With Sanders wins in Iowa and New Hampshire we will see a great shift, a sea-change, in the political firmament and millions looking beyond division and corrupt party politics dominated by big-money as usual to a secure future!

IF we unite and work hard we just might defeat the forces of self-interest and profits above all else - the worship of money and greed - and corporate/military domination of the future of Mother Earth and all Her creatures. The time is now, the cause is just, the future hangs in the balance and we all must play a part - many thanks for doing yours, Mr Hightower, so effectively!


Thanks for the article Mr. Hightower.
Bernie's political track record speaks for itself. Probably the best thing to happen since FDR and JFK.


Keep on bouncing Jim, Bernie couldn't ask for a more distinguished person than you, to speak on behalf of his candidacy.


I plan to vote for Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire. My fear is that if he comes close the nomination, he will face the same fate as Robert Kennedy in 1968. I cannot believe that the ruling elite will allow him the presidency. I hope that I am just a conspiracy theorist nut.


Your vote will help stop that kind of thinking. They know that we are watching and we "won't be fooled again"!


Thanks Jim Hightower. I lived in Louisiana when you were an elected official in Texas and a thorn in the side of the then establishment. If I remember correctly they found a way to force you out. You have been great at keeping the progressive agenda alive. Keep it up, guy!


The revolution was cancelled, and maintaining the Big Lie just keeps getting harder. We're only more deeply divided by class. Dems continued to worsen conditions for the poor, while liberals merely maintained a pep rally for the better off -- the working/middle class. Apparently unknown to the media marketed to liberals, even many of us who are doing OK do not support our current agenda against the poor. At the very least, our own 20th Century history shows why it's impossible to save/rebuild the middle class without shoring up the poor.


Times are VERY different today, and Sen. Sanders has stepped to the right to get the support of middle class Democrats and liberals. What do people think Sen. Sanders could change? He used to speak out powerfully about poverty and the need for legit poverty relief programs. Our poverty crisis IS the proof of the grave shortcomings of our deregulated capitalism. But this doesn't sell to today's middle class campaign donors, so he dropped the issue.

Liberals and the middle class have been this era's "useful idiots" for the corporate state. Think about it: This generation so strongly believes in the success of the corporate agenda that they think everyone is able to work, there are jobs for all, therefore no need for poverty relief.


Sanders is following the strategy of Bil Clinton and appealing to the middle class. It is a winning strategy. If you leave the Republicans to focus on the middle class they will probably win. I am sure Democrats would like to go back and focus on poverty but those that did lost elections. If you lose the election you can't help anybody.