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Take This Army and Shove It: Openly Hostile to Capitalism and Empire, Outspoken U.S. Army Cadet Resigns


Take This Army and Shove It: Openly Hostile to Capitalism and Empire, Outspoken U.S. Army Cadet Resigns

Jon Queally, staff writer

Once his eyes were opened and he later became committed as a "revolutionary socialist," it wasn't easy for Spenser Rapone—a West Point graduate—to maintain conformity with the ideological strictures most valued by the U.S. Army, among the numerous military branches tasked with acting as the muscle of U.S. imperalism and projecting strength on behalf of American capital and corporate interests abroad.


I hope he’s right about many more vets feeling they are at the service of global bankin, wall street, the MIC, oil & gas, pharma, aggribusiness and other anti-social and anti-nature corporations.


What if they gave a war and nobody came?


This man is the real deal. A badge of courage. His life, his future on the line and he stands tall. Bravo Sir!


Funny I heard that somewhere


We ought to force those global capitalists +Israel pay for their global Wars of land theft, resource theft, murder and repression.


This man is more a Patriot then those who serve the “Commander-and-Thief.”


All very quaint and rhetorical - but cut the crap and stop feeding into your master’s hands with the 19th-20th century vapid “communism” and “socialism”. That’s like the rhetorical trap of “marxism” - the latter beiing a critique and NOT a system.

Just like “capitalism”, which today bears little resemblance to the premises of Adam Smith, both socialism and communism faced the same predatory premises of principalities and royal exceptionalism to colonize anything and everything the “exceptionals” want(ed).

Sound familiar?

OK Spenser, we’ve heard you talk the talk. Talk is cheap. Lets see you walk the walk!

Climate change? hey, make the indigenous peoples pay for with REDD+
Some documentation

War Resister’s League for some pie charts, documentation, and half a century of history providing support for those fighting corruption in the system.


Good on him. But his Marxist education still needs to be worked on.


He’s one of those “We gonna get it right this time” commies.

Word of advice: make sure you get as many as possible of you buddies with military training to support your “revolution” and aftermath. The only way you can implement and maintain a communist society is by force of arms. Good luck, NOT!


Lets all be honest Che Guevara was a murderer and communism fails due to human nature and parasites. Come on.


That’s one way to do it. Drain the military and the parasites that command it of manpower. Without manpower, the US Military can’t function!


I often comment that anyone who volunteers for the American military or works for military contractors is complicit in the Empire’s war crimes…unless the volunteer later becomes a whistleblower or otherwise repents of their being part of the war crimes machine.
Spenser Rapone joins with Chelsea Manning to say f**k you to the military, and that’s honorable.
The people in the military who never expose the military’s crimes and who just collect their paychecks and benefits are no better than the Germans who served Hitler.


Capitalism is two things: the worship of greed and money, and a system of infinitely increasing massacre and consumption of the finite biosphere.
Capitalism is a death machine.


Lol. And what is communism? There are 100 million dead corpses due to communism. And he’s wearing a Che Guevara shirt! He might as well have worn a Hitler shirt. Both are on the same playing field. Guevara purportedly killed thousands with his own gun as chief executioner. He was a monster. A man of pure evil. It’s a disgrace that CD even posted this article.


I could not agree with you more, it’s unfortunate that Stalin gave communism a bad name. Also i don’t think communism’s basic premise is understood today. We need a world where people have access to good true information cheaply. Communism to me is similar to what “Jesus” has been credited to have been practicing. That concept takes an intellectually advanced society to fully grasp. Otherwise capitalist wizardry will rob them clean blame them for their misery and ditch them into mass graves afterwards.


Psychopaths do exist in every strata of human society. We have American military personnel committing heinous, subhuman crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq that put Stalin to shame. Killing a family or pregnent women then urinate on their corpses and pull bullets out, etc…gruesome criminal acts, the dogs and electric wires used on sleep deprived standing on somme pedestal Abu Ghreib prisoners, Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, examples to make you proud to be American, English or Australian.


Spenser, sir , I salute you. That is why I withhold about sixty percent of my Federal tax bill. Can’t with good faith support The MICC. WE THE PEOPLE, were warned along time ago. Peace!


I totally agree.


Only a truly dillusional individual could possibly still fall for the fallacy of believing that communism has never actually been practiced. To claim that the communism practiced in the USSR, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Cuba, Venezuela, Argentina, numerous African countries, etc. were some form of “fake” communism is insane. They all suffered from the same fate. They murdered, starved, and imprisoned their own populous, and deprived them of nearly any political (and certainly any economic) freedoms. And their economies in most cases actually declined. And yet people like you stare at all of the evidence that is as plain to see as staring at oneself in the mirror, and you deny the reality.

All of these previous or current communist nation-states suffered from the same fate because communism inevitably converges toward this fate. People naturally want to be free. People are naturally self-interested. If you make self-interest a crime, you will need a police state to enforce it, because people will protest or want to leave. It is inevitable.

Che Guevara was not a rogue individual purporting to be supporting communism. Che Guevara was and will always be one of the faces of communism. He was a vital and important cog in the Cuban communist experiment, because without the state enforcing fear and harsh punishment for government dissent, the communist party could not consolidate and uphold its power.