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'Take This Seriously': Digital Rights Group Urges Americans to Beat Back Attempts to Exploit Coronavirus Crisis to Erode Civil Liberties

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/03/24/take-seriously-digital-rights-group-urges-americans-beat-back-attempts-exploit

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Is COVID19 the Reichstag fire that we’ve been expecting since 2001, when the 9-11 thing didn’t quite work?


It actually worked pretty well, if what we wanted was a world in flames, a huge new addition to our “security” bureaucracy, the shredding of the Bill of Rights and a bottomless military budget. Covid-19 is the next chapter of our personal and national dystopian novel.


"Rational Minds Question Authority."


Yes, I agree. And it is still working well, 3,000 American lives murdered and still the guilty have not been brought to justice and probably never will.


warning that government agencies are liable to use widespread anxiety about the pandemic to undermine civil liberties and human rights.

Excuse me, they are not liable to; they already have. By not allowing large groups to protest they have censored and eliminated any future Government protests!


Amen Pony…amen!!! That’s the difference between “conSERVatives” and us. I’ll tell you what bothers me amigo. Remember D.A.R.E., zero tolerance school rules, locker searches and searches of students in classrooms by drug dogs, etc. that the Millennials grew up with and we as parents should have not tolerated and fought aggressively? I said it then and I’ll say it now…they were conditioning that generation to be blindly obedient to authority. Also, beginning in 1980 with Ronnie Raygun and the new, at that time neocons that had formed during Nixon’s maladministration? Every president we’ve had since has pushed for more and more power for the Executive Branch of government. In other words and to put everything in a nutshell ever since the 1980s we as a society have been getting incrementally trained to accept and obey without question authority. They couldn’t do it to those of us who grew up in the sixties and seventies because we basically grew up to always question authority. Can you imagine what would have happened if they tried to impose zero tolerance or bring drug dogs around to our lockers and classrooms? For one I don’t think the school staff would have even gone along with the authoritarianism we see in schools nowadays but even if they did the students would have burned the fucking school to the ground. This all started in schools after we were gone. But now our children are the workforce and major voting block and they seem to accept authority just fine. Unfortunately it seem to be biting all of us in the ass now. Nobody cares enough about keeping our Democratic type of government enough to get up from their keypads and get into the streets to fight the encroaching authoritarian government. Unfortunately our society is now filled with “good Germans”. This COVID-19 pandemic may be the beginning of the end of democratic rule in the U.S.


My aunt, God rest her soul, many years ago traced our lineage back to Scotland, to William Wallace.

Now he was a rebel I could only hope to be like.

My folks taught my brother and I to respect all people, including authority figures, and I have never strayed from that lesson, however, as I came of age in the late 60’s and began to see how our government was sending our young men and women into battle, half a world away, I began to see things differently.

I, and many others questioned our nation’s involvement in Southeast Asia, and were berated by the President of the United States for doing so.

He was not alone.

My childhood days were over when the Governor of our state, sent state and local police to our college immediately after Nixon began bombing Cambodia which caused our campus to explode.

The National Guard was called in a day later.

Our campus was occupied for nearly an entire month.

All we ever wanted was an end to the killing our boys and girls were sent to do. And for what?

The lesson from that: Respect must never be given, unless it’s earned.

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Like with a number of other things, these ain’t gonna happen without Bernie at the helm.

Pony I’m sure you’re a GREAT rebel. I’ve read enough of your posts to know you’ve got plenty of you’re late relative’s blood running thru your veins. As for myself…I’m already growing long hair and jamming’ out to some Johnny Winter and such. Here’s a sample (gee I wish links would still post :frowning: )…

~https://youtu.be/kJSEZeNrKNM (I saw him with Edgar Winter and Rick Derriger in concert back in 1972. Man talk about a robin’ show! Hoochie Kool!!!)

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@CommonDreams Resveratrol may be able to be used in pre-exposure prophylaxis and treatment of COVID-19.

The fact that it is what it is (a common well known substance already in the supply chain) and that we still dont know if it can be used to treat
is actually a huge red flag to me.

I have a spreadsheet where I have been collecting links to peer reviewed papers that have some bearing on this question in various ways. Resveratrol is known to inhibit the replication of the two other SARS-causing betacoronavirus as well as other betacoronaviridae.

And many other viruses. It also has broad activity against sepsis and sepsis caused pulmonary problems, quite possibly even ARDS, (when processed into a nanoencapulation, which sounds very high tech but which is actually easy to prepare even in a developing country) nanoencapsulation also dramatically increases its bioavailability.

There is an urgent need to investigate this, as resveratrol can be extracted made from an invasive plant that grows all around the world. It also can be used in animal husbandry to replace the antibiotics they feed food animals, which would greatly reduce the problem of drug resistant antibiotics.

So there is an unknown but significant chance the problem of coronavirus may be easy to address. So why wouldnt they be investigating it?

Well, drug profiteering is one possibility. Desire to make a killing on overpriced drugs. insider trading, etc.

Its also quite possible that some want to use it as a 9-11 like excuse to vastly increase repression and totalitarian-like behavior?

In any case, we should be riding on them to research this option.

They dont get a free pass to ignore something with so many possibilities - its profile of possible synergies is very large- even the more obscure COVID-19 caused problems might respond to it, We simply dont know and need to know.

They dont get a free pass on acting responsibly.