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Take Your Tiny Fingers Off the Button, Trump


Take Your Tiny Fingers Off the Button, Trump

Rebecca Gordon

On nuclear nightmares past and present.


We the People must contact the media, and encourage them to broadcast the following:

If Donald Trump wants to go to war with Kim Jong-Un, he alone must challenge him to a Death Match.

Since 2/3 of our population are against war with North Korea, this is his only option.

I’d bet my life savings he’d pussy out.


Well, first of all, the mainstream moron TV media, which is what most people watch, is not going to broadcast what we the people desire unless, one, they see the tide has turned against Trump and two, they see how to make money off of it. Thirdly, a truly malignant narcissist, which is the least of what Trump is, could care less what 2/3 of the population cares about as long as there is even some small percentage left that worship him as an idol. The last refuge of a failing sane president is war so to somehow conclude that the last refuge of an insane clown wouldn’t also be war is profoundly delusional. The only question is whether the GOP dominated congress is sane enough to remove Trump from office before he pushes the button or after. My guess is that it will be after. This despicably cowardly congress will continue to crap in their mess kit until there is only shit left to eat. The idea that you could put a person of such low intelligence and morality in office and not expect a disaster is beyond me. The general public is truly so desperate for an economic relief they would make a Dorian Grey pact with the devil Trump and not expect it to end badly? Good luck with how things are going to turn out if you believe that.


My comment here was meant to be somewhat funny, not serious, as I see you may have taken it.

I’ll make my humor more apparent in the future.

Didn’t mean to upset you.


Denigrating references to the size or color of Trump’s appendages pretty much preclude anyone not yet in the choir’s being convinced to join the choir – and probably stop choir members in addition to me from reading beyond the denigration.


An excellent fantasy for the Trump cabal’s ultimate demise: