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Takin' It to the Streets—Brazilians Protest President’s Ouster


Takin' It to the Streets—Brazilians Protest President’s Ouster

Lawrence Reichard

Cariocas, as Rio de Janeiro residents call themselves, poured into the streets by the thousands May 22 to protest the removal from office of President Dilma Rousseff in what Brazil's Chamber of Deputies and Senate call an impeachment.

Protesters decry it as a coup.


The Obama administration’s silence on the coup in Brazil speaks volumes.

Don’t wait six months for the blatantly illegitimate “impeachment trial” to run its course. “Fora Temer,” golpistas out now. Then, on to Washington.


Temer is supported by the bloc known as the “ruralistas” the latifundia- massive landholders, agribusiness, a majority which have introduced hundreds of bills to eliminate the scientific recognition of traditional indigenous lands. They want recognition of indigenous lands taken out of the administrative formalization - as set forth in the Article 231 of the Federal Constitution of 1988 - and turn it into a political football in the legislative ‘arena’. They want to do this with a constitutional amendment known as PEC 215. Already soundly rejected because it was a Supreme Court condition in ONE and ONLY one specific case known as Raposa Serra do Sol.

Another ploy against the indigenous peoples is legislation that would demand that ONLY those IPs who were on their traditional lands on the day of promulgation of the Constitution of 1988 will have a right to their traditional lands.

Not a word is being said about this in any of the reporting.

Agribusiness and other raw material EXPORT interests owned by the elite have been undermining Brazilian society all along. More and more Brazilians have gotten wise to the neo-colonization rituals in the economics and politics.

Indigenous lands were to have been demarcated and formally established within 15 years of the promulgation of the Constitution of 1988. The military dictatorship was brutal, massacres were almost hidden until a copy of the long lost Figueredo Report resurfaced a few years ago. Ugly doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Who are the players benefiting from that legacy? Take a guess.


“The Obama administration, which recently signaled support for the new conservative, pro-austerity government in neighboring Argentina with an Obama visit to that country, has been largely silent on Rousseff’s impeachment.”

How could a hollow man utter anything other than hollow words?

Obama’s doing that same, “We must look forward, not look back” on his recent visit to Japan.

And on Vietnam, Obama’s saccharine words about putting the past behind us implies that both Vietnam and the U.S. are equally responsible for the carnage in that land… as if the U.S was not the aggressor.

As a matter of fact, Public Radio International today had a story explaining how there’s now a funded program that teaches children how to recognize unexploded ordnance. They said that 100,000 people have died from the mines and weapons left behind since the END of the Vietnamese war.

Ms. Rousseff has the horror of seeing history repeat even after being on the front end of torture earlier in her life. “Mars Rules” is not reserved for the U.S.A:

“Another Temer miscue was appointing Brazil’s first all-white, all-male cabinet in seventy years, going back even further than the military dictatorship of 1965-1984. The move, in a land that is majority Afro-Brazilian, has angered and energized women and Afro-Brazilians opposed to Temer’s government.”

Patriarchy’s deadly mix of militarism and machismo has a long history in South America since the European Conquistadors arrived with their lethal brand of Christianity: converting the Natives at gunpoint or massacring them for being “heretics” and/or “savages.”


Just came across this:


For an all too short period of time Latin America and the left began to reassert itself. There was a period in time where the United States of America was investing its resources and attention into destabilizing Countries in the Middle East. The USA felt that Countries there were becoming too independent of US Hegemony and had to be put in their place.

That entire region in chaos now, from North Africa to Afghanistan and the profits are pouring into the USA and its 1 percent. They now turn their attention back to Latin America where the people got a little too uppity for the Empires liking.

Watch for mass protests and Government change in Ecuador and Bolivia.


Thank you so much for this background OG. Of course there is certain to be a lot of ugly “background” to coups, whether of the military or pseudo-judicial flavor.


Also, it seems to me that preparation is underway for “dealing with” Russia, and a bunch of “soft coups” in Latin America help pacify the “backyard” for fewer distractions going forward.