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Taking 9 Million Lives Per Year, Pollution Bigger Killer Than War, Tobacco, and Various Diseases Combined


Taking 9 Million Lives Per Year, Pollution Bigger Killer Than War, Tobacco, and Various Diseases Combined

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

New Lancet Commission spotlights "profound and pervasive threat that affects many aspects of human health and wellbeing."


Pollution … kills 9 million people per year.

That’s 16% (or one sixth) of the 55.3 million deaths worldwide per year.

Note that when the authors of the 1972 study Limits To Growth warned of a massive dieoff mid-21st century they attributed that dieoff to pollution, not to the global warming and consequent climate disruption caused by that pollution.

The alternative, they argued in 1972, was for the world to immediately (1972 immediately) reduce both industrial output and population growth.

And here we are 45 years later watching their predictions come true.


Good luck with that, so long as human population continues to grow.  We’re already way beyond long-term sustainability, and resource scarcity is very soon going to far exceed pollution as a primary concern.

Pollution is a natural consequence of our descent (not ascent) from monkey-like ancestors who simply allow-
ed their waste and trash to fall from their homes in trees to the ground below, where it was soon eliminated by scavengers of all sizes from microbes on up.  But, as seen in the photo accompanying this article, much of our current waste is not readily biodegradable and will still be around, polluting our environment, for dozens or even hundreds of years.  Or – as in the case of nuclear waste – thousands and maybe tens of thousands of years — long after we are gone.


“[U]nintended consequence”?

Is a broken nose an unintended consequence of punching someone in the face?


An interesting observation on DW website
"…Commenting on environmental topics, I am beginning to feel like a broken record. “It’s terrible. Something needs to be done!” And now the news that pollution causes more fatalities than war. What can I say? “It’s terrible. Something needs to be done!”… "


One reason death counts and rates of deaths due to pollution seem to not be high in US is because of the availability of access to health care.
For some reason we in US accept Cancers as nothing out of ordinary, and with far less fear than even 20 years ago.
WITH newer drigs, radiation, surgery and early detection and newer surgical techniques, there is less questioning for the cause.
And in a lot of cases the Death Certificates, even with cancer, State liver or kidney failure, pneumonia due to compromised immune system. Or heart failure.
IN Ukraine , eastern Russia, Brlarus and Stan Natoons they now recognize hole in Heart of younger generation as Chernobyl Heart.
New Borns with rates soaring along Western Coast of US do not link radiation as cause even though only way new borns contact thyroid cancer is through mothers ingestion of radioactive nuclides during prenancy.
Radiation cancers can take as long as 20 years to become life threatening , but in US we are so F’n stupid they tell us a little bit is harmless and good for us and is not a pollutant anyways.
Know carcinogenic are in our foods, waters and even your rugs and lawn care products; of course 20-30 years down the road when they admit they are killers past deaths are not counted, if at all, as pollution induced deaths.


The oceans are full of trash, it was projected a while back there will soon be more trash than fish, the large sea creatures are starving due to die-offs of little fish and there isn’t a beach on earth without plastic’s instead of sand. If the oceans die, we die. We have shit in our collective pants and there isn’t anyone to clean it up but us. Will we do it? NOT!!! The combination of trash, global warming-climate change and the 6th extinction…we…we have 9 to 13 years left according to the web site Nature Bats Last and I’ve been looking into what is said there and it makes sense to me. Live your life with Grace, lend a helping hand where you can. So long, it’s been good to know ya…


Just a glass bottle can last a million years.
Monofilament Fishing Line… 600 years
Plastic Beverage Bottles… 450 years
Disposable Diapers… 450 years

But “plastic never fully biodegrades, but breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces, eventually being dubbed a “microplastic” —something that is less than 5mm long”.

really unfathomable


" It’s terrible. Something needs to be done!"

I certainly agree, but unfortunately, it seems to me, that something will probably be not done until instead of 9 million people per year dying from pollution, that figure will have to increase to 90 million or more!