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Taking a Stand at Standing Rock


Taking a Stand at Standing Rock

Rev. John Dear

Like millions of other concerned people, I’ve followed the standoff at the Standing Rock Sioux Nation in North Dakota for months. The good people of Standing Rock—including the Dakota, the Lakota and the Sioux—have stood their ground since April to block the evil 1,170 mile, $3.7 billion Dakota Access Oil Pipeline which will dig beneath the three-mile-wide Missouri River, potentially poisoning the water for hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people, and desecrating the sacred land of Indigenous people.


I was very impressed by Rev. John Dear's comment "It was one of the greatest, most peaceful marches I have ever experienced in a lifetime of marching for justice and peace."I know Dear and know that he truly has been on the front lines working for peace and justice for his entire adult life. He has been arrested numerous times for nonviolent civil disobedience against the war machine and other injustices served up by our country. For him to be so moved says a great deal about the spirit of this particular action. Please send money to these brave water protectors as they face the coming of the brutal North Dakota winter. Go to GoFundMe and then search for The Official-Sacred Stone Camp. If you are the sort that works with energy or prayer, please send that, too.


Many thanks to Common Drams for publishing this superb article. I live in NZ now and there is a movement among the indigenous Maori to have the 5th November 1882 commemorated as Parihaka Day because the Parihaka Movement was a non-violent protest against the British who nonetheless used muskets, murder and enslavement to further their ends


Support The Sacred Stone Camp:



well, I am supporting them tomorrow, in my town... in the courtyard... I already got permission from the twon village... I am hoping I can get another couple of people..... I have someone for next week... he can't tomorrow cause he has to wok the voting booths tomorrow... he's an election inspector... but he'll join me next week... I have to DO something... I do not have much money... and ... I figure ...they are out in the cold and just putting their bodies on the line... so, I can do that, too.


John Dear's article is remarkable for its clear expression, well done, and its scope and depth. John is indeed one of those rare and wondrous REAL people - authentic in every way. I had attended a retreat at Kirkridge Center in Bangor, PA the previous weekend with John as the group (two dozen of us) facilitator as we reworked some the brilliant words and works of Thomas Merton, the RC convert and later Trappist monk, who lived for over 27 years at Our Lady of Gethsemane Cistercian contemplative Monastery near Louisville, KY - using John's new book (of his over three dozen or more!) - this one about Merton. (1915-1968). Merton died at 53 and had published then only 100 books. (There may be more to come!) All Merton's writings seem to me to be still talking to us as though they are meant for today, quite an amazing sense I'm sure many agree. John seems to burn with the same kind of deep and genuine spiritual strength and determination that anyone who has any knowledge of Jesus would agree with! Keep your eyes (and ears) open to this quiet lad (now only 57) to see what John will add to our American literature that inspires and sustains so many Americans, probably far more folk than just Roman Catholics - who seem to me to want to avoid this humble priest's work/words - as they appear to me to do to the REAL Jesus they claim to be religiously devoted to - yet, what do I know being just an old observer of those who think that nonviolence is the truest way for any and all of us to live, a little like that old "golden rule" - do unto others as you'd like them to do to yourself - or something close to that meaning. John offers great hope
to old folks like myself (85 so far) - and I hope many much younger peace enthusiasts. READ ON! WRITE ON, JOHN It is clear to me that God blesses your work! Love abounding, Elizabeth - Malone, NY