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Taking A Stand For Washington's Wolves


Taking A Stand For Washington's Wolves

Noah Greenwald

It’s been a sickening week in the Pacific Northwest.

"By the time you read this, the pack could be wiped out — 12 percent of the state’s fledgling wolf population in just a few days."


I guess the petition didn't help sway them. This sickens me to death. It's disgusting. It's just about the love of slaughter. Makes me want to vomit.


Why can't ranchers who graze their livestock on public lands be required to take measures that work in balance with nature, as they apparently do in Oregon? And then the feds have the courage to enforce them. First we had Cliven Bundy, now this McIrvan fellow.

Where I used to live and do environmental compliance work, ranchers could graze their livestock on public lands, but acted liked them owned them. They should think of it as a privilege and act accordingly with nature and other uses of the land.


Now answer one question -- this rancher terrorist is killing wolves to protect his 'precious' -- think the way Smaug said it in Lord of the Rings -- cattle ... so that he can sell them to be slaughtered for food!? The ONLY difference is that this terroirst pond scum didn't get the money for having them slaughtered! This mo-Ron needs to be on the front lines himself protecting his bovines so that with any luck HE is the next one to be slaughtered; no, no; I take that back -- his worhtless carcass would probably make those poor wolves sick!


Wolves are among my personal favorite animals, ever since I was a kid. I try not to be misanthropic towards the human race but it is really hard not to when I see it kill so many beautiful species for little to no reason.


That reminds me, MCH; a favorite songbird of mine is the mourning dove. Iowa didn't have a hunting season on doves; why would you hunt a dove?

In 2010, Republicans claimed the majority in the Iowa House, and darned if they didn't push through a hunting season on mourning doves! Infuriated me!

Our neighborhood still has doves, thank goodness. Still I wonder, who would shoot a mourning dove?


If you've ever seen some asshole swerve his pickup truck clear across into the oncoming lane to hit a cat or other small animal crossing the road, you'll know who. You'll probably recognize who would get a kick out of slaughtering a wolf's den and tormenting any surviving cubs.
* I think their numbers are few, but one is too many.


Just a few other tidbits.

This same Rancher prompted the wiping out of another Wolf Pack for much the same reasons several years ago. According to this article he claimed they killing his cattle yet not a single of the wolves killed had any indications of cattle in the digestive system. (The Wedge Wolf Pack wiped out in 2012)

This Rancher is classified as a Welfare rancher in that most of the land he raises Cattle on are public lands. According to this article his pushing cattle right to the den was deliberate so that he could have an excuse to wipe them out.

The Pack was easily tracked in killed because all wore tracking collars.

This latter article Rancher friendly trying to show the rnchers in question as the victims.


In the article it states that this rancher raises some 200 Cow Calf pairs on some 35000 acres of Public lands. in order to have to use this much land for that number of cattle the land is marginal for grazing. Good grazing land suited for cattle needs about 2 acres per head. This glutton is using close to 100 acres per head.The ranch has no business being there The wolf has retreated to the wilderness and these idiot type ranchers follow thinking they have a sacred right to any and all land..

Just for some perspective. The North American Bison heard was estimated at over 50 million animals. They needed far more forage then the typical cow. If it take 100 acres to feed 1 bison 5 billion acres would have been needed. The entire USA is some 2.3 billion acres. This guy is a wastrel and such operations should be shut down.

I made my mind up as to which the vicious beast and it does not have four legs.


I live in Omaha and I have 3 mourning doves that come every day to dine on the millet I put out for them :smile:
As for who would shoot a mourning dove -- a mo-Ron that has no more grey matter than a dog or a cat ... I feed many different creatures b/c I love watching them, and am just happy to be able to share my piece of Hamiltonia with so many deserving, amazing creatures.