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Taking Aim at ExxonMobil, Connecticut Joins 'Fast-Growing Wave of Climate Lawsuits' Targeting Fossil Fuel Giants

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/14/taking-aim-exxonmobil-connecticut-joins-fast-growing-wave-climate-lawsuits-targeting

I guarantee that ExxonMobil is sitting on a pile of patents related to renewable technologies and is waiting for the right price points to get into that game. They will do it through subsidiaries or even a massive rebranding, but they will do it. When the Late Great George Carlin mentioned the Owners of this country, EM was right at the top of the list. They may be off the Dow for now, but that is just a detail.


Thank you CONNECTICUT! : )

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Pennsylvania, under EITHER half of our smug, blatant tag-team kleptocracy, will back “Clean” coal, fracked methane & ethane (that just might’ve already doomed all subsequent generations). So, "our"side celebrates stomping down any effective, timely AGW mitigation by removing Green Party candidates from the ballot and blaming us, their victim. I’d seen them do this to Barry Commoner’s Consumer Party & others (basically, to crush down-ticket in ALL viable 3rd Party candidates who’d any chance of displacing corrupt, thugs in both big cities, but mostly to retain control of small mill towns in swing states, straight out of Red Harvest or The Dukes of Hazzard? With ALEC & DCCC calling the shots (as they did in 2016, per Schumer’s swell plan) only pro fracking, pro coal voices will be heard, calling for bail out of decrepit reactors, more Ethane crackers. Police assults on poor victims, as thousands of leaky wells blow-out, kick & are abandoned. They’ve done this since 1859, after all?

The media ONLY presents this as evil Rooski tree-huggers intentionally installing Trump and killing 'Murikan JOBS…




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Yes, but they’ve locked them in the safe. Solar patents would permanently interfere with their profits.


“This avalanche of climate litigation is Exxon’s worst nightmare. The public increasingly understands Big Oil’s role in causing and lying about the climate crisis.”

As long as progressives keep electing right wing democrats, big oil has absolutely nothing to worry about in the slightest, sure the courts may rule against them but they can appeal for 40,000 years and eventually win in the supreme court, like tobacco did. The ruling against Phillip Morris was the biggest in history, but after appeal they had to pay a couple of million and it didn’t even headline.

If the winds change and big oil sees they have to adapt, they’ll just develop a few of the tens of thousands of revolutionary energy technology patents they’ve acquired at gunpoint over the past decades and repressed to protect their market, and they will make trillions.

This game cannot be won by playing by the rules, because people like Exxon make those rules.

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Within a few years Exxon will be a parent to a few dozen other companies on the Dow… When Standard Oil lost the anti-trust suit and was broken up, Rockefeller bought up all the companies stock which the company was divided into. The Biggest one was named Esso, which stood for S.O., The initials to Standard Oil! Esso later was named Exxon, to try and quiet mounting bad publicity. They know the game all too well. These lawsuits and such are little more than a fly to be swatted for them. You cannot defeat these gangsters by playing from a rule book that they have written.

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They can deny and argue what they want, climate catastrophe is here. It will only take one domino to fall and then they’re done.

Many years ago I suggested to a group of people that the day would come when a corporation is sanctioned by the government and the courts, and that corporation will just say “no”
My proposition was that the courts would rely solely on the government to enforce their ruling, but what if the government was unwilling, or unable to enforce any legal action against the Corporation?
That is where we are now. What happens when Exxon says no? What happens when apple or google or amazon, say no? Well, as we have seen, if there is a corrupt pro-fascist president and a federal law enforcement apparatus that was appointed by that president, nothing will happen.
We are now, by any definition, a fascist state.

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The big solar scam right now is to have centralized solar panels and sell the energy to the community, thus the centralization of capital as well. Of course that is somewhat less efficient technologically, but, worst of all, it takes economic control away from the individual and gives it ti the corporation.

If you put the solar cells on your roof and have deep cycle batteries for storage, with an inverter, you have solar within your own personal domain. Off the grid, so to say.

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as the evidence shows–these corporations are the worst criminals in existence in the world–they spent billions in denying the truth of their activities-paid hundreds of politicians to pass laws and vote for the massive subsidies( to massively wealthy corporations —can you say CORRUPTION?)so they could continue their activities that are proving (to no surprise of the science) so destructive of the ecosystems needed for life itself and that they did this for the poorest of reasons–short term profits–condemning both us and their own existence in an act of criminal insanity(doubled down on by MOST of our so called “leaders”-for their piece of the money made on the destruction of this planet–that also should be seen as a criminal act) --and now those same politicians–"I will not ban fracking " Joe who provided cover and have put forth a proposal that -simply put --is trillions of dollars short and much to late(we need to STOP using fossil fuels by 2030–not the decades too late 2050) to actually address the problem with the urgency needed if we want to save our sorry asses from their criminal behavior
can it be done? --maybe-the Green New Deal proposed by Sanders and the minuscule number of politicians paying attention (instead of trolling for corporate dollars and providing cover for their crimes) would result in the elimination of the reliance on fossil fuels-replace them with planet friendly technologies-produce MILLIONS of GOOD paying jobs in the green renewal rebuilding our antiquated structures to meet the crisis-improve the quality of life by reducing the threats imposed on us by the collapsing of our ecosystems(think wild fires -floods-and tornadoes)
this along with a living wage and M4A would bring millions back to the polls–but because it will affect the politicians ability to rake in those corporate dollars resulting in politicians who would rather see the planet crumble than do what is necessary to save our planet from the world destroying corporations–
I propose we work hard to elect Democrats(especially ones who are paying attention-read progressives) DOWN ballot and refuse to cast a vote for either of the corporate criminals running for President–flip the Senate-increase control of the House as this will act as a safety valve on dystopian proposals if Trump is re-elected and maybe push Biden into some semblance of sanity


If you put solar heat collection in your attic, have a desiccated rockbed for heat storage and have a heat pump, you have cut Saudi Arabia and the gas company 100% out of the heating picture and you haven’t even invested in any Chinese PV panels.

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