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Taking Care of Refugees Is a Moral Duty


Taking Care of Refugees Is a Moral Duty

Mary Sanchez

President Donald Trump’s controversial executive order halting the resettlement of refugees in America and banning travelers from seven Islamic countries has raised concern not only among liberals, civil libertarians and jurists. It has also led a group of prominent evangelical Christian leaders to remonstrate publicly with the president who rode to office in large part on the votes of their flock.


It's so good to see evangelical preachers acting like true Christians. I could site a few places in the Bible supporting the philosophy of compassion to strangers such as for instance, oppressed immigrants; but I'd rather try to explain why we are all tiny sparks belonging to a Great Light. Reunion with this Great Light is the insatiable longing in our hearts. Embrace then, our brothers and sisters without conditions and by our Love may God accept us all at mortal life's end.


while you're at it, you might want to advocate taking care of your own as well. you have a moral duty to them too. And it's the perception that liberal columnists such as this don't care that fuels the demagogues on the Right.

Obviously groups shouldn't be pitted against each other for scarce resources, but they are. How many of America's chronically unemployed are getting the help to find apartments and jobs? Very few?

This is how the right is winning in politics. If you're going to take these positions on principle--and in the case of refugees, you should--you should also do two other things. First, work even harder to oppose the policies creating refugees in this volume in the first place. We've not had that in the last 8 years at all. Second, demonstrate the same level level of concern for your own people who are also being displaced by geopolitical forces beyond their control.

This is how you defeat the Right. It's how we've always defeated them. Economies that serve all people discourage authoritarian radicalism, and it's no coincidence that right wing movements are born in economic misery, even more so than left wing ones.


Why are resources scarce? America is an incredibly wealthy nation, yet we have people struggling to survive. Why is that? It is because 1% of our population is hoarding our resources. In my community some people are working two and three part time jobs without benefits just so that they can eat and have someplace to live. There are others who can't find jobs at all and don't have the resources to move or better their situation. Why is that? Because all the wealth is gushing upward like Old Faithful. And those at the top such as trump avoid even paying taxes so they can keep everything for themselves. If you have ever hung out with people who live in chronic poverty, you will find generosity at an astounding level. Resources are scarce because they are hoarded by a selfish few. It is their game plan to pit groups such as homeless veterans against refugees, or poor children against immigrants, or poor inner cities against poor rural people.


Hands up those who expect Trump to have any sense of moral duty,


You raise good points


Please not all rich people are the same. I am not rich, but I do know some people who are rich and generous.