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Taking Firm Stance, Scotland Pushes GMO Ban


Taking Firm Stance, Scotland Pushes GMO Ban

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Scottish government officials announced Sunday they will impose a ban on the domestic cultivation of genetically modified (GM or GMO) crops, attracting praise from environmental and food safety campaigners.

"Scotland is known around the world for our beautiful natural environment—and banning growing genetically modified crops will protect and further enhance our clean, green status," declared rural affairs secretary Richard Lochhead in a statement.


I disagree. There are no areas at all in which human technology has not led to problems. Why would GMOs be any different? Significant problems already exist with many strains and the related cultivation technologies. It is unreasonable to assume that others are safe simply because problems have not yet manifested themselves. Furthermore, we no longer have an honest scientific community, but one that is controlled by money and lawyers.

Modern GMO technology is young and has a very bad track record already. By way of contrast, entirely natural production has fed humankind since the dawn of the species.


GMO’s represent corporate domination/control over food production on the Earth. GMO varieties are “patented” often used in conjunction with dangerous/destructive pesticides. GMO’s pose a grave threat to open-pollinated varieties that farmers can plant year after year from saved seeds and continue “selection” for desirable traits - with GMO’s, seed CANNOT be saved year to year, and farmers/societies especially in poorer nations will be (already have been) put in danger of starvation. GMO crops look good and ship well but often do not have the same nutritional value as open-pollinated and some hybrid varieties. Either buy seeds from vulture corporations (Monsanto) or starve after GMO crops/genetics have contaminated natural open-pollinated varieties. Corporate pirates (Monsatan) have been suing farmers for contaminating farmers land and crops by wind-blown genetic contamination from GMO crops - they cannot be trusted! This is about control of food production and profits, NOT sustainability or “better crops” that is BS! Government corporate whores (Dems and Repubs) are doing Monsanto’s bidding putting our nation and world at grave risk! ENOUGH Monsatan!



“unreasonable to assume that others are safe simply because problems have not yet manifested themselves”

This is one of the main problems in corporate science.
Having worked R&D over 20 years, when science is replaced with hubris we all suffer as a result.

And the idea (If you can call it an idea) that simply because we observe no problems,
hence the science is sound…leaves so much to go wrong it’s untenable.
And Monsanto Science is Pathetic.


Another European country that thinks it knows better than the Exceptional Number One.


Wow. Equating opposition to the corporate control of our food supply and inversion of the Cautionary principle into a witch-hunt? Unbelievable.

Now that Greg R isn’t doing the “pretend you are a farmer who applauds Monsanto and gen tech food,” another shill had to be deployed. Welcome: AndrewBoston.

Disclosure would be Democratic and what should be banned are products that DO harm with their purveyors hiding from accountability and strong-arming universities and scientists into granting “nods” to their disgusting products. You disingenuously paint protests of these frankenfoods as the “irrational witch hunt.” Just unbelievable.


I think it’s far less about “those so enamored with science” who stop thinking critically as much as it’s the likelihood that their research grants and academic funding come from well-heeled, influential gen tech companies like Dow Chemical and Monsanto. Both ARE war crimes corps that have never–particularly Monsanto–paid for their crimes. However, due to their association with the MIC, they win lucrative contracts and that fiscal clout has enabled them to purchase enough “law” makers to get their business plans codified into some of the most draconian laws conceivable.

THIS is factual and quotes MANY doctors and scientists. It is well worth a full viewing:



Right on!

Take a look at the latest oil spills or the waste water from an old contamination site now fouling a major river in Colorado. Oil spill after oil spill and the cronies insist it won’t happen again; that it’s safe or that under impossible conditions, spills can be contained.

The bastards opened a genetic version of Pandora’s Box and what they have already released into would-be pristine ecosystems is a crime against ALL sentient life.

Anyone truly interested in this subject should read Ronnie Cummins, Vandana Shiva, and/or watch the documentary that I have provided the link for.


Thalidymide is the poster child for how this assurance of safety operates… with “by their fruits you shall know them” presenting evidence a full generation later!


One thing is to use GE to cure disease and another is to turn a GMO organism loose in nature. If we have problems with Maleuluca, Brazilian Pepper, Asian Carp and many other invasive species, wait until a Frankenstein species is turned loose.


Most people in the US would like to ban GMO crops entirely, or at the least have our food properly labled, so that we know what we are eating. Our government refuses to listen to what the people want. Big money calls all the shots.


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