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Taking French Lessons: The Power of the 'Yellow Vests'


Taking French Lessons: The Power of the 'Yellow Vests'

Sonali Kolhatkar

The people of France are currently engaged in a major political battle with their government. But those of us on the outside watching the “Yellow Vests” bring their nation to a standstill are also learning a valuable lesson: how to make politicians bend to your will through relentless activism.


A list of 40 demands released by members of the movement includes numerous government policies to reduce income inequality by using taxes on the rich to subsidize the basic needs of the general population. It also includes ideas like nationalizing sectors of the energy industry…

Should U.S. progressives ever get around to understanding the last line AND FIGHTING FOR IT, the power of the Yellow Vests will manifest itself here. Enough with Tweets and number stickers slogans that nibble around the edges of an absolutely corrupt, murderous, anti-human system administered by the Duopoly against the rest of us.


Having a representative government that pays close attention to the People’s needs and desires must never be looked upon as a Dream.

As long as the American People continue to do so, this will never become a Reality.


The U.S. Macron 2020


Oh the French are so clever. Since they all have to have those vests in their cars in case or a problem or crash----what a brilliant idea for the safety vests to become the uniform of the revolution against the rich. : )


Power is always given never taken.When the people have decided that enough is enough they will take it back. They have all the power .
in the past we have traded that power for something we wanted more than freedom the three S’s Safety,Security and Survival due to fear.
We are being played like a fiddle its time to take back our inherent power and create a world that works for the Highest Good Of All.
No government can stand when the people rise up ,that’s where the real power lies.


The true lessons of the yellow vests are plentiful yet have nothing to do with democracy, rule of law or progressive ideas.

It is a mob of angry rioters without goals or clear grievances. Wanna have better future ? Vote , study, produce knowledge and technological advance . Wanna have clean environment? Pay for dirty fuels and sponsor clean energy with everyday purchasing power. In reality every citizen buys what is cheaper considering the same quality. If gas or diesel is more economical to use over electric cars then people will buy diesel. It is the very definition of cognitive dissonance for “progressives “ supporting yellow vests rioters and demanding clean action.

Look at the vandalism and tell me it’s the progressive way! I am not on board with it.


In France the government fears the people.
In America the people fear the government.
Just who are the surrender monkeys then???


Trump’s response is neither here nor there, predictably.

Macron is a neoliberal product of European financiers, working to centralize and focus wealth and power. The French are tired of being looted by this system, and less apt to stand for it than Americans, probably by virtue of being a bit better organized.

The Summer of '68 happened in France as well as in the US. The so-called “Reagan revolution” did not.


You may not be on board with it but the fact remains: the Yellow Vests got results.

What you advocate for has gotten us the status quo.

Yeah, I think I’ll go with the rioters…


I would like status quo to change and tax dirty fuels , apparently you are of the opposite view.


Yes, I’d mandate that they’re kept in the ground.


If price is right , your “mandate” is worthless . I am assuming you mean keeping dirty fuels in the ground.


the Dems are not described accurately as milquetoast…it is their allegiance to corporate America as why they do not pass progressive legislation regarding inequality and corporate power