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Taking It to The States


Taking It to The States

John Nichols

What happens in state capitals after this year’s November 6 election is far more likely to bring real change to America than what happens in the nation’s capital in Washington, D.C. That’s not an excuse for neglecting federal election contests this fall. But it is an argument for taking what happens in the states a whole lot more seriously.


Yet another piece that rips the mask from U.S. progressives - highlighting their provincialism. While there is alot that can be done to help build progressive parties and movements in the states and localities, ultimately defining political-economic issues are determined nationally and globally.

The Federal Reserve pretty much bankrolls both “private” and public capital by inventing “money” from thin air. The Permanent War State is Global/National. Global Warming and Climate Change are functions of the biosphere. Human Rights are exactly that, no matter what the Supremes or and pissant state court say. Etc., etc., ad nauseum…

Once again, Nichols exposes a childish understanding of the realities of the political-economy of capitalism – common among many progressives in the U.S.


The Republicans rode the backlash against Obama, the country’s first black president, to control of many states and the presidency and both houses of Congress. I think the backlash against Trump will propel many Democrats to victory in November, both at the state and federal level. Of course many other issues will come into play including local issues in a specific district. There seems little question that the main issue will be whether the US is a country only for white people only or whether it is a country for all types of people. It appears close to 40% of the population agrees with the former view so those who agree with the latter view need to show up and vote.


A Blue Wave of Asses.

Poetic justice.


BINGO …’.fraid you’ve pretty much nailed it.


Thanks for reading it, so I didn’t have to. I remember Nichols from his stint as a left gatekeeper for The Progressive—in fact, he was largely responsible for my cancelling my subscription.


Cynthia Nixon defeating Andrew Cuomo would be a monumental upset. But the Democratic establishment certainly remembers that Zephyr Teachout did better than expected against Cuomo 4 years ago and already there have been endorsements of Cuomo by Tom Perez, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. The challenge for Cynthia Nixon will be getting enough votes from minorities and doing reasonably well in the NYC metro area where about two-thirds of NYS residents live. The primary is closed making it more difficult for Nixon. Like Teachout she is likely to win a majority of upstate counties but most are Republican bastions and therefore don’t have that many registered Democrats. I see that Teachout is running for attorney general in NYS. That would be an incredible win for progressives with Nixon as governor and Teachout as attorney general. Anyway, progressives can always dream. If Trump can be elected president then pretty much anything in politics can happen.


They’ve been running him here less in the last year-or-two. I was hoping he retired or something, but he still pops up every-once-in-awhile confirming why your cancellation makes sense.


How interesting all of this is, but remember, both the Dems and the Repubs have been in power sharing for nearly 150 years and here we are: The economy is good for the very rich, all the newly created jobs are minimum wage, the government is using technology to watch us and the tech companies are in bed with the CIA and the NSA, check out Facebook’s censorship of their pages. We are still at war in the middle east after nearly 25 years. The Defense Department is talking about starting up the draft again, while the rest of the world really doesn’t like us and China has started a program called “China Sword” where they are no longer going to accept the garbage sent to them by the U.S. for recycling and the Dems expect us to return to the polls and vote them into power. The hell with that I’m voting for the “other guy”, the one who isn’t a Dem or a Republican. The two major banker parties have had their chance and they both have lied to us while they commit unnatural acts with the bankers and the wall street investors as they loot the treasury and the rest of us drown in our own garbage.


Another journalistic sleight-of-hand by a member of the so-called progressive media!


Don’t you guys ever get bored of yourselves?

Yes, there is indeed a great and growing tension between the States and the Federal Government of the “United” States of AmeriKKKa.

But you lose all credibility with me when you assume that this tension will certainly be met and managed by ordinary electoral shifts.

You lose all credibility with me when you neglect the “elusive obvious”: the possibility that the eternal and Real discontinuities between the very different peoples and regions of this vast land mass will no longer be quelled by the mechanisms that have forced them to move in a barely-functional lockstep since 1776.

The very Real possibility that the United States will experience radical dissociation.

The very Real possibility that the United States is “too big not to fail.” As the Soviet Union failed. As every other empire has ultimately failed—but with its own idiosyncratic style…

“Oh, no! That couldn’t happen HERE!”

Oh yeah? Why not?

Isn’t this inevitable protestation more likely to be another expression of AmeriKKKan exceptionalism than sound historical reasoning, let alone inspired divination?

You call your tired reiteration of this terribly limited, thoroughly outdated, set of possibilities “progressive”?

It would be far more worthy of that excellent word to thoughtfully contemplate a wider array of potentials at play in this moment. Even though some scare the crap out of you. Even though some of them scare the crap out of most of your readers.

It would be far more progressive to consider the possibility that Truly radical change is already underway. After all, there’s a hell of a lot happening right now that many thought “could never happen here”, right?

It would be far more progressive to give voice to the many denizens of Turtle Island who see not disaster, but rather, great opportunity, in the radical Change that’s upon us. They are the inheritors of wisdom streams that have been largely marginalized or silenced in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” forever. How about speaking with some folks like that? Now, that would be news!

I’m not holding my breath…