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Taking MLK Out of Context and Promoting Military Industrial Complex, Super Bowl Ads Condemned


Taking MLK Out of Context and Promoting Military Industrial Complex, Super Bowl Ads Condemned

Julia Conley, staff writer

A number of ads run by NBC during Sunday night's Super Bowl coverage provoked condemnation on social media, as the network chose to promote a controversial religious group that's been denounced as a cult by former followers, and use a speech by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to sell cars in the kind of advertisement the civil rights leader had specifically criticized.


“Disillusioned words like bullets bark
As human gods aim for their mark
Made everything from toy guns that spark
To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark
It’s easy to see without looking too far
That not much is really sacred…”
–Bob Dylan, “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”


Great choice for a quote. I saw the ad and couldn’t believe that the King family knew MLK’s speech would be used like this. It is just a patronizing flip to African-Americans; a phony homage to Black History Month, and just plain insulting to King’s memory. This country has no soul anymore.


A more important story is that hundreds of demonstrators, led by Black Lives Matter, stopped light rail for hours before the Super Bowl. This is important because police ID-checked every light rail rider and if you did not have a Super Bowl ticket and did not pay $30 you were prevented from getting on/were kicked off in and around the “security zone.”

Other outrages against the people of MN included kicking homeless people out of temporary motel housing in Minneapolis and then warehousing them in closed Saint Paul schools and turning downtown Minneapolis into an occupied zone that included police, FBI and National Guard armed with armored vehicles, automatic weapons, snipers on roofs, concrete barriers, etc.

A coalition of liberal and labor groups mounted a separate march from BLM that made noise and did not attempt to do anything else, typical of labor and liberals in the U.S.

Meanwhile the “progressive media” in the U.S. (including CD) have pretty much ignored what resistance there was to the corporate extravaganza of bread, circuses, gladiators and Justin Timberlake ripping off local fave Prince while both Yahoo and Google reported on the BLM blockades, actually presenting the story fairly accurately.

It’s long past time for leftists, progressives and liberals to take a hard look in the mirror and stop whining long enough to ORGANIZE NOW!!!


Trump’s America filled with morons. Yep, land of the cowards, home of the money groveling moron. How do we change this? Vote the fools out and if this does not succeed 10 million of us in the streets of D.C. and Manhattan.


Just asking: when did it really have a soul?


I call it the “Military Recruitment Bowl”.




In the meantime, the mob was out late last night in Philadelphia celebrating their win in the chariot races.



The MIC super bowl ads, from my perspective, were an egregious insult to MLK and too bad the King family could not have had them retracted.

What if in the future, say maybe super bowl 98, the game was completely boycotted and the stands were empty. Naw, on second thought, no chance!


King condemned capitalism, but CD promotes the capitalistic democratic party still.



So far, no one has been able to find one!


The Romans had their Circus; the Third Reich had their Circus and the Fourth Reich has their Circus to pacify their ignorant masses. True.


An altogether offensive ad. I was struck by the militarism in the ad, it was ‘supposedly’ about service. MLK was definitely against US militarism and empire!


I like to think that during the 60s when Johnson, (in spite of his other crimes), signed the Voting Rights Act, among other things. It seemed, albeit briefly, that we were moving forward. Then Nixon showed up, and things become more tenuous. I guess, it really hasn’t been well since. (I initially wrote"…right since.", but right has been the problem).


But . . .  But . . .  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!   Things HAVE been right.  Too far right!!

*   *   *   *   *  

And then there’s Scientifuckology — banned in Britain, IIRC (and the Brits seem to tolerate kooks more readily than D’Uhmurika usually does).   But not to worry, Scientifuckology will give us balance between Drümph Univ­ersity’s marketing expertise and Buttsy DeVios “christian” funny-dementalist takeover of K-12 education.  When Eldrond Hubbub founded his “religion” in order to win a bet with a fellow Sci-Fi author (A. E. van Vogt?), I won­der if he had any idea that his joke would turn out to be even more evil – if not quite as wide-spread – as the Church of Rome?  OTOH, what’s going to happen when AmWay starts selling E-Meters at a 10% discount??

ALL religions are evil, by the way — they’re based on fraud, and resort to force when the fraud is revealed.  Scientifuckology’s fraud is just a little more far-fetched – and it’s ability to extract money from it’s adherents
a little more successful – than some of the more mainstream “christian” cults.


if organized religion and political parties were made illegal we could solve more than half of the world’s most pressing problems post haste.


A couple of moments when I realized that the emperor often has no clothes: Since my parents didn’t attend church but had taken me to Sunday school, I actually had a choice. At eight years old, I asked my atheist father which church I should join. Wisely, he suggested that I visit them all. I went, alone, to a handful of them. The Sunday schools. I asked a lot of questions. It seems everyone was so sure that they were right! It took me a few more months of reflection, but I finally realized that indeed, the emperor had no clothes. It was the Vietnamese era.
The next biggie was in junior high. Suddenly there were mandatory pep assemblies. We were expected to scream and cheer forever to encourage the football team. Required to sing at one game with chorus, I stared in disbelief at the ambulance across the field waiting for injured players.Sheez! What an idiotic game The school’s trophy case? Full of sports trophies but few music, art or academics.

Current press about chronic brain injury of football player? Ew.

The ads this year? A reaction to last year, when Lady Gaga sang This Land Is Your Land, and a previous year when Coke’s leader Muhtar Kent put up America the Beautiful in an ad with many languages, many ethnicities, many religions and a gay couple with a child all pictured.


Football: the human mind is a terrible thing to waste.


The misuse of Dr. King’s words was no accident.
While the above article espouses shock and outrage, I feel more shock and disappointment from the idea that anyone is shocked!
This is social engineering, done by the most obvious group of social engineers we know of.

MLK stood for human rights and humanity in general. That very speech spoke truth to power regarding Madison Avenue, and how they bastardize everything sacred to convince you to part with your money and power.
THAT is why they used this speech - one specifically calling them out - to whitewash their image.

This was not about selling trucks. This was about manipulating viewers to subconsciously equate GM with a symbol of our humanity. They probably felt clever when they convieved this travesty. After all, they see it as using the energy of their enemy to undermine the same enemy.

Social engineering is where the bulk of our oppressors invest their energy. Most “intel” jobs today are nothing more than using false personae attempting to create narratives, and shifting current ones using internet articles, and especially the comment sections of those pages (though I suspect the majority here know that). It is the way they have duped the vast majority of us all along, by creating massive shifts in the narrative (whatever topic it may pertain to), piece by piece until we’ve forgotten where we started, or where we were going.
Identifying it, dissecting it, and spotlighting it are effective ways of countering our parasitic infestation. It’s also a great way to learn enemy tactics, it’s fun, and you can do it in your pajamas.
Happy hunting!