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Taking MLK Out of Context and Promoting Military Industrial Complex, Super Bowl Ads Condemned


Good question, one that I was wondering myself.

Whoever they are, I would completely understand if they felt the need to come clean. Perhaps they would feel better if they provided the public with a detailed breakdown of how and by whom they were contacted, and every step from there, including payments or favors, promises etc.
Might go a long way to assuage their guilty conscience, and salvage their name.


Thanks for your reply.


I read that the King Family in no way approved of the speech’s use but the King Estate did. I’m not sure how the two would/could be separate, but apparently they are. (Some legal group with control over the speeches)?


Thank you for your reply. I do not think the King family would condone this outrageous insult, but whomever did needs to be excoriated!