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Taking on the Billionaires


Taking on the Billionaires

David Morris

Combatting defeatism may be our single most important psychological objective in the wake of the election. We need to revive the spirit embodied in Barack Obama’s vague but hopeful campaign slogan in 2008, "Yes We Can." At the federal level this is a time to expose, to educate and to resist.


Most billionaires are not business people ( owners). They are just citizens who do not want to pay taxes.


What????? Do they have a money tree on the estate somewhere?


I should say they do not want to pay the tax rates of yesteryear.


Giving tax revenues to Wall Street owned politicians hasn't worked well.

Taxation is relatively recent, beginning in 1913. It has more negatives than positives. Among the negatives is allowing politicians in charge of distributing our tax revenue to enrich and empower billionaires at public expense. In return for their campaign bribes, politicians get to keep their celebrity jobs.

Despite any benefits, taxes work to concentrate wealth and centralize power to produce extreme inequality, cancelling much perceived good. If there were alternatives to fund basic services, why not eliminate taxes (and politicians)?

What if instead of through taxes and politicians, we paid for services directly? What if we decide what to fund direct democratically?

If our inequality problems stem from oligarchy, why not cap personal wealth by yearly popular referendum and prevent oligarchy in the first place? Direct democratically, we could distribute excess personal wealth equally as a (better than) Universal Basic Income.

Online Direct Democracy


This is the first in a series of pieces focusing on what can be done.

Hey man ya know, it really ain't rocket science: True progressives funded by small donations from real people have to challenge the establishment democrats in every single 2018 primary!