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Taking on the Most Difficult Undertaking in Prison (So Far)


Taking on the Most Difficult Undertaking in Prison (So Far)

Chelsea Manning

I recently published an op-ed in The Guardian and a bill to abolish the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court and to transfer the controversial surveillance authority from the secretive court to a good ol’ fashioned U.S. District Court.


Chelsea, you and the rest of us know that your bill has about as much chance of being taken seriously as your receiving your gender reassignment surgery from the US Army. However,the important thing about this exercise is, to quote your own words:
"It’s too easy to shoot from the hip and criticize policy these days — as
many people actually do. But, it takes grit, determination, hard work,
painstaking research to create a meaningful alternative. I can do it,
then you can too."
As long as you keep using your mind to understand the alternatives from shooting from the hip, and act on that understanding those prison walls will not break you.


You've done so much and yet you do more. Outstanding, madam! You are a hero to many who also have a good soul.


Thank you, Chelsea Manning, for your contributions to freedom, justice, respect for the true rule of law, along with your courage, bravery, integrity, stamina, and spiritual power. Many see The Beast for what it is and are working in their own ways to dismantle it.