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Taking on Trump's False Promises, Dems Introduce Bill to End Tax Cuts for Corporate Offshoring

Taking on Trump's False Promises, Dems Introduce Bill to End Tax Cuts for Corporate Offshoring

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Highlighting President Donald Trump's failure to follow through on his promise to shutter loopholes that encourage massive corporations to ship jobs overseas—and with the tax bill he signed into law last year actually expanding these loopholes—Democrats in the House and Senate on Tuesday introduced legislation that would put an end to

Another good bill for the Republicans to oppose. I wonder how many voters fell for Trump’s phony pro-worker scam. I think the workers he really cares about are those sitting in offices of Russian banks who are willing to lend him money despite his history of declaring bankruptcy.

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oh, now this is cynical, even for Democrats who have achieved new “heights” in cynicism in the last two years.

utterly supportive of off-shoring economics for nearly 3 decades, the chance to score a paltry point of Trump’s increasingly bloated political corpse drives this effort. A) They know it can’t pass. Yay! No risk posturing! and B) It completely eradicates their own party’s history as the primary driving force of globalization. Yay for national memory loss!

Another term I never thought I’d throw at my old party: revanchists.


Tax cuts for corporations that are offshoring businesses and therefore jobs is absolutely disgusting. If someone wants to impeach Trump, I’ll furnish the rotten peaches.

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But but, trump did promise to move US embassy to Jerusalem didn’t he? Anything to please his masters whom he owed much money but the blame is placed squarely on Russia.

Not Russian banks but New York, London and Tel Aviv banks. Russia connection is a devious diversion most American intellectuals haven’t caught up to yet.



Please “drum” these facts into the heads of those who cherish the ground Establishment Democrats walk on.


It’s the Duopoly two step.

Step 1: Appear to support what you want the masses to believe. Give them hope.

Step 2: Do your dirty work for the hand that feeds you. Never apologize.


Transparent baiting and switching.

The Dems stock in trade.


both parties pull this crap when they’re in the minority or they can’t get past a veto. The GOP does it with the large bulk of their “social” legislation that has no prayer (intended) of passing. The Dems are just being gratuitous in their cynicism now, but I suppose I can’t blame them. I mean, anyone who can make that Russian farce fly this far has to feel absolutely immortal in terms of the crap they can pull over the eyes of their foolish flock.


The Ds are fooling fewer and fewer people.

They have the losing streak to prove it.


I do like Bernie and Elizabeth. Otherwise it looks like the Democrats are the Republican Lite Party. But change may be happening. Diane Feinstein is the first one to come to mind when thinking of a Republican Lite Party, and she is behind in her bid for re-election. What can be said about the 2016 election? That was the worst voter turn out in 70 years. Voter apathy must stop. But then you have to stop to think, Hillary Clinton was a Washington DC insider. I do support having the first woman president and she would have been better than Trump. But that isn’t saying much. Trump from the start looked like a narcissistic sociopath that would be a horrific president. He has been a horrific president, so there is no surprise there. Both parties failed to present the public with a choice between two quality candidates.My prediction is Trump will bring down the entire Republican Party for the 2018 and 2020 elections. Democrats need to come up with a real alternative to Trump and Trump Republicans in congress…