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Taking on Trump's Racist 'Pocahontas' Slur, Warren Vows to 'Lift Up' Stories, Struggles of Native Americans

Taking on Trump's Racist 'Pocahontas' Slur, Warren Vows to 'Lift Up' Stories, Struggles of Native Americans

Jon Queally, staff writer

With a speech delivered at the National Congress of American Indians on Wednesday morning, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) told the gathering of Native Americans that she will not allow President Donald Trump's racist attack on her heritage to be a smear against her, but will instead do her best to use such attacks to uplift the proud traditions—as well as the historic struggles—of North America's indigenous tribes and communities.

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Glad that she will get the stories of Native Peoples, our unpardonable history toward them, out in the open. This nation will continue on its destructive path which includes endless wars against people of color until it admits and atones for this genocide and theft of lands of First Nations and also its compounded history of enslavement of Africans to amass fortunes for these greedy criminals. These communities continue to suffer the repercussions of such unforgivable sins.


Please frame it for what it is. Pro-choice vs. anti-choice NOT Pro-choice vs. Pro-life. Put them on the defensive for treating women like chattel and children who are not big enough or responsible enough to make their own reproductive decisions. You’ll have to re-frame the issue if you want to go on the offensive.

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I would love to see the very best of us, as personified by Senator Warren, run for president against the very worst of us, just as I would have loved to see that kind of a match in 2016. It’s too bad that the DNC cheated Bernie out of a fair shot at the nomination, just as I’m sure they’ll try and repeat that performance with Warren, no doubt attempting to stuff some corporate, imperial shill like Joe Biden down our throat.
Trump wouldn’t be running against Warren; he’d be running away from her, as cowards tend to do. And I bet even those draft-deferring bone spurs wouldn’t slow him down. Run, Donny, run!

Elizabeth had a huge chance to be a true progressive by endorsing Bernie once he made clear his platform and vision of what America could achieve.

However, she chose to wait for a chance to endorse the Corporate candidate, and schmooze her way into a cabinet position there.

Don’t expect anything more than that from Warren.

At best, she’ll be another “Trojan Horse” getting young progressives to join the party, just to disappoint them when she again goes the corporate Duopoly way.

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I’m still hoping Bernie’ll run.
Like the bumper sticker says, "If God wanted us to vote, She’d have given us candidates."
Seriously, though, I don’t allow any one decision on the part of any candidate to determine whether, given the choices, I’d vote for or against them. For instance, I love Bernie, but he’s never failed to bring Pentagon spending gravy back to Vermont, nor has he opposed the truly egregious waste of tax dollars epitomized by the F-35 fighter jet program. In fact, he endorses it. It’s a terrible decision on his part, but I’d still vote for him (again) if only the DNC would allow such progressive options.

I’ll admit it. Bernie is wrong about the F-35. But Bernie knows the people of his state are desperate for good paying jobs.

We the ordinary people are not unaware of Elizabeth Warren, who so often is a lone voice in the wilderness. Be not discouraged Ms. Warren, The Great Spirit is with you, as is my God, the God of Love and acceptance of all people.

Yes, and she really needs to stand up against all the “leftist’s against the left” here on Common Dreams.