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'Taking Page From Duterte,' Trump Reportedly Wants to Execute All Drug Dealers


'Taking Page From Duterte,' Trump Reportedly Wants to Execute All Drug Dealers

Jake Johnson, staff writer

U.S. President Donald Trump has repeatedly praised Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte for his "great" and extraordinarily deadly drug war, and apparently this admiration is seeping into Trump's policy goals.


Start with drug manufacturing CEOs and move on to pentagonian generals.


Nobody should be surprised by this. This is Trump to the core - and if he had no democratic checks on his power, he would be a frightening dictator. The one saving grace is his utter stupidity - he lacks the imagination to truly visualize what his power could really do, were all restraints removed. Let us pray that another fascist, wicked authoritarian like Trump - but with high intelligence - does not gain power in the future.


As someone who works in the field of substance use disorders, I can say with some authority that Mr. Trump will have to start with doctors, as the story of many of my clients’ addiction issues with heroin begins with irresponsible doctors who acted like drug pushers with opioid pain killers.


I wonder how deep the well is of this mans sickness. Do we really have to find out? But I don’t wanna, enough is enough.

He wants to have his parade on Veterans Day in Washington D.C… For some reason I find this creepy. I cannot put my finger on it, it just doesn’t feel right. It doesn’t smell right. Too close to the election, or something. Sorry, off topic.


I think he’s dumb like a fox, his brain may be unhinged but he is no dummy when it come to being corrupt.


In the end, I actually think Trump has done the American public a great favor. Due to his shear incompetence, he has exposed the corruption, paranoia and entitlement that grips the political elite of this country. He has lit the progressive movement on fire, pushing us to work outside official party structures, to keep a boot to the neck of politicians. Their wave is coming and when it does, republicans and the corporate democrats are going to get their due. Live it up guys because the party ends in November. In the in term, you might want to measure yourselves out for an orange jumpsuit.


So Trump truly believes he is a dictator now. Well actually he has always believed that. Okay Congress, what will you do now. Will you sit blindly by, while you enable Trump to destroy what is left of the USA. Of course you will, you fucking monsters.


Two evil scum who have gained power and fooled a percentage of the people just as others of similar ilk have throughout history…Caligula, mussolini, hitler, franco, and many others. These two deserve the fate brought to many, especially mussolini…


Don’t forget the insatiably greedy who are the cause of it.


“The Cheapening Of Human Life”

Amazing how these two articles connect.


I agree as with Trump the so-called middle moderate left has been exposed for what it really is - corporate rule in a velvet glove. Furthermore, let’s hope your prediction for the November and, even more importantly, the primary elections holds true.


It keeps getting worse & worse. Germany 1933…


I really hope you’re right, BUT I doubt it. We will surely elect some liberal/progressives to the House this Nov, but if the Dems re-take the House it will be the Corporate Dems that will be calling the shots. Myself, I believe that Trump represents the end of our so called democracy.


Insatiable want should be recognized as an extremely dangerous mental illness.


Thus his many bankruptcies and the fact that no reputable bank will do business with him…


Execute all Real Estate Swindlers and Corrupt Bankers.

They cause at least as much damage at drug dealers.


So does this mean he going to purge the CIA or is this about getting rid of their competition?


You’d think rump would speak highly of daring entrepreneurs who ignore intrusive gubmint regulations to pursue a profit. You’d think that rump wouldn’t care about the health effects of drug abuse since he doesn’t care about the health effects of environmental pollution. So apparently rump thinks its not ok for me to pollute myself with toxins. However, when corporations are spewing out toxins that poisons me, its all good? rump’s hypocrisy is not lost on me.

Drug abuse should be treated as a medical problem not a criminal problem. When is it criminal for a person to destroy their health via eating junkfood? But hey, give them the death penalty if they smoke pot? How does that improve anyone’s health?


The people are preparing a retirement home for Trump and his ilk - it’s called Guantanamo.