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Taking Short Break From Denouncing Trump Authoritarianism, House Dems Join With GOP to 'Violate the Privacy Rights of Everyone in United States'


Taking Short Break From Denouncing Trump Authoritarianism, House Dems Join With GOP to 'Violate the Privacy Rights of Everyone in United States'

Jon Queally, staff writer

"Democratic leadership in the House—who say that Trump is currently abusing his power to go after his political enemies—just helped him pass dangerous domestic surveillance powers."


I’m sure you’all are so proud to be 'Mercans right now, eh?


Both Dems and Repubs are totally corrupt. A People’s Party is the ONLY hope for this evil empire. War and death is all they do.


In general the democrats as a party are not to be trusted. There are some democrats who represent the people’s interests and we should support them as individuals not as a “democrat.” The republicans are a party to absolutely not trust and almost all of their individual members are enemies of the freedoms and rights of the people of the US and the world. Those democrats who join with these republicans on whatever initiative and give more power to Trump should be abandoned by anyone with principles and hope for a better world. I would prefer more independents but they aren’t in the game. I hope someday we can put more of them in there but given the current situation the more progressive democrats in power - the more pressure on the turn-coat democrats to fall into place. Hopefully 2018 will bring an end to the regressive reign of the republican party and Donald Trump can become a lame duck. He is already lame but let’s make him an impotent lame duck.


With 46 Rs voting against this measure, should have been an easy victory for the Ds. That’s real leadership for you. Thanks, Pelosi.


They all belong to the same country club, the Empire Club


Why the heck is everyone so surprised at the Dem vote?
*If the sock puppets get changed from red to blue, the Dems will be able to use this to snoop on us without warrants just as the Rs do now.
*The Oligarchy that owns this “government” obviously wanted this to pass and they told the Dems to make sure of it, and so they did.
*We the People are getting very close to the end of even the fiction of a Constitutional government as we watch the courts, the legislative and the executive do more and more things to benefit the Oligarchy, at the expense of We the People for whom, and by, the Constitution was written.
*Considering the level of propaganda we are subjected to, and the lack of actual education that the children are getting since the turn of the century, our children and grandchildren won’t even realize they are missing anything.
*Read Orwell’s discussion of Newspeak at the end of 1984. I think he pretty well called it.
*(Down with BB! Down with BB! Down with BB! Down with BB!)


Why do people expect the Democrats to be much better on this issue than the Republicans? For decades and decades the Democrats supported all this spying. What’s new?


demodogs doing what they do best, protect their puppet masters just like the repugs.


Trump being a uniquely authoritarian threat is an important point, but it is not THE point. The point is that our government shouldn’t have these powers no matter who is President.


Debbie Dingell, my extremely predictable rep, voted yea.

And in November, Debbie, I’ll be voting nay. For you.



The clearer it is that the “Democratic” Party as now led and being followed is not a party of opposition to Trump / GOP policy but only to the latter’s enjoying the perks of office the more possibility there is of actually voting in – from city councils through House, Senate, and Presidency – a true opposition to what has been going on from well before Trump.


Its a rare week that passes without another glaring example of Dimcritter hypocrisy.

Dim Claire McCaskill recently calling for Al Franken’s resignation just hours after voting to eliminate CFPB protections is one of the more egregious. While Franken’s actions did harm some people, McCaskill’s admonition is likely to result in Franken being replaced by somebody who is less supportive of women’s rights and her CFPB vote will harm tens of millions of Murkins for many years to come.


O.K. All you Commondreams Damnocrat apologists and addicts! Are you starting to get it YET???!!!


No…they are BANISHED from the game! BIG difference!!!


Thanks, Pelosi, Schumer, Feinstein, Booker, Harris, AD NAUSEUM!


Yeah…but…but…the McResistance!! Pussy Hats!!!

Democrats are poison.


Because Damnocrat ADDICTS need a 12-step program?


The Republicans cut at us with a hatchet.

The Dems administer paper cuts.

The D-party diehards around here tell us how grateful we should be for the chance to bleed to death slowly.


But as we well know, drug treatment programs, 12 step, based on AA, are not very successful at all. In fact, AA disallows any outside org to get inside info for analysis. Estimates of success rate (by outside orgs) are 3-4 %, but AA claims much higher with no evidence to support.

So most all those Damnocrats will stay addicted indefinitely.