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Taking Short Break From Denouncing Trump Authoritarianism, House Dems Join With GOP to 'Violate the Privacy Rights of Everyone in United States'


Attention Damnocrat addicts! Here is a piece and a scorecard to show you how fucked up being a party loyalist is IF you love this country and freedom!


Please see my latest post, writed2know>>>>


Thanks, but Common Dreams really should have published it with their article…


From time to time, I’ve read some comments condemning those of us who criticize the Democrat Party for its plutocrat friendly economics and its embrace of US imperialism and war mongering This time, however, I haven’t seen any comment from such folks.


Agree but maybe it wasn’t available at the time. (?)


The voter revolt that we are all preparing for, should not only removal from office most Republicans but also, and more importantly, we need to vote out Democrats who have continually acted like Republicans. We need to recognize that many D&Rs are one in the same, who fully support the 1%, and overlook the rest of us. We need to elect representatives who are willing to represent all the people. We need to ignore the mass media. Its better if we talk to one another, and exchange our ideas. We must than vote. If we do this we can, and we will take our government back, and restore Democracy to our country.


People’s Progressive Party, PPP.


There has never been a shortage of hypocrisy in Washington.


Yes, the betrayal committed by some spineless democrats is horrible. This is how the republicans get to keep accusing democrats of spying on everyone, even though most, if not all republicans wrote and voted for this bill and only a minority of democrats voted for it. Yes, some democrats are DINOs, they are democrats in name only, just like some republicans are similarly accused of being RINOs for not being radical right enough. However, since this country has been pushed politically so far to the right over the last forty or fifty years, now even some democrats act like republicans. We must remember that most democrats did not vote for this bill. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water! A third party has little hope of success in America. Just look at the struggles of the Green Party! I would like to vote Green Party, but doing so is just a way to get republicans elected into Congress and the White House instead! The only way foreword is for us progressives to push the Democratic Party further to the left and protect our rights! We can do this! Take note of those democrats who vote against our best interests and primary them out of office for their betrayal. We are not asking for total wild extremists here, like Bannon promoting Roy Moore, but just democrats who will protect the Constitutional rights of the American people! We must get organized to take over and run the Democratic Party the way it should be run. We can do this! Don’t lose heart here. A third party won’t work and will play into the hands of our dire enemies who are extremely powerful, no matter how stupid and clownish they appear. We need better, more dedicated candidates. Get more good people to run for office who will look out for the will of the average American. Or run yourself, if you are able to. Run for representative, even state representative, because that provides a launching pad for future political power and victory. Don’t ever give up on the Democratic Party. It is the only vehicle we have that has any chance of success. Work for progressive democrats, Liz Warren and Bernie Sanders, and others who share our values and who won’t betray us when the chips are down. Get lists of who voted for what and hold bad democrats to the fire and primary them out. Not enough people vote in the primaries. Get more people to vote in the primaries. Get commitments from those newcomers in the primaries on issues we care about and make sure they are held accountable. We must play the long game here. The republicans have been hard at work for over fifty years. We have much work to do. Inform people. Tell truth to everyone. Keep fighting. Never give up! I won’t! People should not be afraid of government. The government must be made to fear the people. Get out there and fight, get active, get everyone you know to get active and have them get everyone they know and repeat over and over. This is the only way we can succeed.


That sounds like Snowden every bit as much as these accounts sound like Churchill:

Every time I’ve seen Snowden talk, he’s been smart, gracious, very insightful, and not one to waste an opportunity for a teachable moment. My hunch is whoever wrote that line for him in the script had rather less of those qualities, and probably didn’t even get the irony of rebutting a bad argument with a complete non-argument.

This video isn’t exactly on point, but it is closely related enough that it covers many of the problems with the “I have nothing to hide” position:


I likely have not heard Snowden as much as you (a few times on Democracy Now), but I wonder if you know the story on the FBI iPhone comment - he says horseshit in this youtube (from RT) video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ucRWyGKBVzo, when referring to the FBI’s claim that only Apple can get into a user’s iPhone (and not the FBI which ultimately did it themselves proving Snowden right). Unfortunately they stopped the video right after so I don’t know if he continued on from his non-argument statement to give a real argument - probably.

I saw the Oliver Stone film which I thought was entertaining, but I’ve given up on hoping filmmakers would try to stay close to the truth in their true story movies. (I’m always on the look out for a definitive list of the movies that do stay close to reality).


So essentially, "The Dems are systemically corrupt, but our only chance is to work within a systemically corrupt party."
Sorry, but doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results, is just insane.


I didn’t mean to suggest that Snowden doesn’t use vulgarisms or profanities. They do have their place–and describing an arrant lie from a renegade agency that now routinely tries to skirt or subvert the law seems one of the more appropriate uses for them.

But it’s one thing to use a vulgarity to characterize an agency lie and something altogether different to use it to belittle a sincere question and a position which was merely not well thought-out–at least not nearly to the degree he’s considered them. He isn’t even belittling when interviewers ask dumb questions, so such a retort seems all the more unlikely given the question supposedly came from his girlfriend. And it’s hard to imagine that a girlfriend of his would be so dull-witted or uninformed on such a topic, so I suspect the film does at least as much a disservice to her as it does to him.


To those few folks who continue to argue that we must vote for Democrats to save our democracy…

Oh, hell, why bother?


Hatchets and paper cuts… Brilliant!


Your point of view is pretty much dead on arrival with the Common Dreams crowd.


Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are examples of Democrats that are right on target against the current government corruption. There are no Republican counterparts that I know of. They have sold themselves out to Trump, who has become the most horrific president in our entire history. There has been the start of a backlash against Trump and I think we are going to see more Republicans distancing themselves from Trump as the 2018 congressional elections become the focus. We may see Trump Republicans back lashed out of office. Their poll numbers are very low right now Democrats need to clearly show themselves as the alternative to Trump and Trump Republicans.

Last but not least we can’t repeat the pathetic voter turnout of 2016. It was the worst voter turn out in 70 years. Do that again in 2018 and congress will be even worse than it is now. Do that again in 2020 and Trump will get re elected.


Are you sure this will only affect Americans? What about Americans’ friends and neighbours, who correspond with Americans??


Um, we’ve been playing the long game, and it’s worked out for the oligarchs: They now own two parties and the entire conversation has shifted steadily right for decades.

So tell us what incentive the Dems have to reform when the corporate donorship gravy train arrives on schedule as long as they play the role of LOTE and continue suckering the cowardly and unimaginative into your brand of blind loyalty.

My view: Punish the Democrats into political irrelevance–that was going well until Trump resuscitated the Ds–to set up the emergence of their replacement. That’s the long game, friend.

On the other hand, if Bernie and Liz share your values, stick with em. It’s going great. But check your calendar: It’s not 1984 anymore.


Unless I missed something the Senate has not yet voted on this renewal, so some of those names could not be on your list on yeas - yet. Stick to the facts; those are damning enough. Unless of course you are being predictive, in which case my ten cents say the Senate vote won’t even be as close as the House, because, after all, they are VERY SERIOUS PERSONS, and there’s nothing quite so serious as knowing when the peasants might be getting ready to burn down the marketplace.