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Taking Short Break From Denouncing Trump Authoritarianism, House Dems Join With GOP to 'Violate the Privacy Rights of Everyone in United States'


It is cold comfort that my rep voted nay (Paul Tonko.) We need to vote in the democrats who are actually democrats and not pretend ones.


The Party of the People can no longer afford to coddle these clintonian and fiscally conservative Democrats. It is time to lose the indecisive and noncommitted deadwood of the party. If you can’t take steps to attempt a bright future for the people of this nation and harmony with the other humans on the planet then it is time for them to find work that they can actually do.


Your perspicacious statement reminds me of the book: THEY THOUGHT THEY WERE FREE.

But the majority did not realize the truth until it was too late.


Its bad enough that trump is trampling on our rights, now Congress is doing it also. Vote the whole damned bunch out!


Corporate propaganda media doesn’t want to talk about it:


No, Bernie is a sell out. Wake up. I can’t believe anybody is still doing this. Stein is a far safer option than Bernie and she showed cracks. Bernie is the outreach coordinator for the DNC for a reason. He was a fake candidate. After all I donated to him, I may never trust again.


I agree that the scene you are referring to was poorly written - it is likely out of character for both people. There were a few other cringe moments, but I can’t remember exactly what they were now. I just searched for Snowden’s opinion on the film and all he would say was “on the policy question, which I think are the most important thing for the public understanding, it’s as close to real as you can get in a film”. I really should see Citizen 4 one of these days.

I tried to watch The Fifth Estate recently (I like both Benedict Cumberbatch and Daniel Brühl) but that one seemed over the top and I know Assange hated his portrayal.

Here are some links for films based on true stories - I’m sure there are jewels in the rough somewhere but I’m usually disappointed when I check reelhistory or some other site comparing truth and film.

Of the movies that are listed, the ones I’ve seen and quite liked are: Born on Fourth of July, The Imitation Game, Malcolm X, Ghandi, Chaplan. But these lists aren’t for accurate films, just good ones.

I also found a few links specifically addressing accuracy:

On these lists, I did like Lincoln and absolutely loved Downfall (a great film that has a side benefit of finding the parodies where the subtitles are altered assuming you can still find them somewhere even funnier). I suppose I should see Into the Wild which gets mentioned on both.

Anybody know of any other good lists?


I’ll issue the same challenge I have to others on other posts, who’ve used that expression. It implies Bernie “sold” something… i.e. got something of value in exchange for something else. I get that you think he gave up his principles. But exactly what did he gain in that bargain?

For the record, I was disappointed by his endorsement of Clinton and decision not to run; but even moreso by what I thought an ill-advised promise before that to support the eventual nominee…a promise that he could have broken with only disastrous results.

In any case, however, if you’re looking for the perfect Being, who will NEVER do anything you’d rather they didn’t, you’re bound for an even more disappointing life, my friend. Sanders may not be perfect, but there is thus far not one person with the principle & spine he has, along with the credentials, to run for President. Not even close. And I like Jill Stein a lot, and voted for her. And I’m registered “Green”. But I didn’t see her drawing 10s of thousands to her rallies, and coming close to taking over the Democratic Party.

But feel free to hold onto anger & bitter disappointment for as long as you like. Me, I hope he’ll be running in 2020 … as “I” or otherwise.


Amen. Couldn’t agree more.

Bernie had no other choice. Had he run as a 3rd party candidate both he and Clinton would have split the vote and both lost. Except it would be Bernie (not Clinton) who would be blamed for the Trump presidency. This way Clinton lost fair and square – and she deserved it. The democrats forced her off on the electorate and the electorate wanted little to do with her. The democrats deserved what they got – the country, the struggling and working class did not.


From my perspective, Bernie did not sell out; BERNIE WAS SOLD OUT!


Neocon logic(looking for the “perfect” right from the Clinton campaign play book.) What will it take to wake you up. Nothing at this point. Everyone who could wake up already did. How about all that Russia stole our election and needs to pay from Bernie as he tried to instigate WWIII for months. God help us from the people who aren’t able to WAKE UP.


And so joined the war party and got on democracy now for month telling us we need to do something about Russia because they stole our democracy when they stole our election by leaking Clintons emails. He didn’t sell out. Heck, he got promoted for the work he did. He was supposed to bring all the liberals in and then drop out and we were supposed to vote for Clinton. There’s an excellent youtube video out there explaining that he was a fake candidate. In the end, when he started trying to get us into WWIII and stayed on it for months, it became undeniable.


Now I’m a neocon. Hilarious! You clearly know nothing about me, nor, it seems, the meaning of the word.

And in any case, you didn’t respond to my question of you. Why is that?

And yes, I too cringed on those occasions when Bernie seemed (at least for the moment) to be jumping on the Russia bandwagon. He has been walking on a razor-wire IMO, between prodding the Party to become democratic and the risks of pushing so hard that the current GOP benefits. Not an easy path to walk, and if you’ve never been there you have no idea.

But as Bernie “sold out” in your perspective, just WHO, may I ask, do you think merits consideration for President…and how will they achieve that?

btw, before you accuse others of needing to awaken, be absolutely certain that you aren’t yourself calling out from a dream world. I myself have been awake for about 47 of my years on the planet…and only got much moreso over time. And not that it’s enough, but I’ve done & accomplished things you can only dream about.

Maybe you should go for a vacation, get out in the sunshine for a bit.


Bernie sold out me. A donor. In fact he sold all of us out who believe he was not with the DNC and was antiwar. That moment was 6 months while he tried to get us into WWIII. He is with the war party. If there were an ignore I’d place you on it. Perhaps there is one. I’ll go check… And your, “dream world” comment - completely Clinton campaign.


Oh, and now I’m a Clintonite, besides.
Your hatred blinds you.
You falsely accuse me and insult me, then have the nerve to say I’m accusing you. Please review the entirety of this exchange and tell me that again.

I’ve seen such exchanges before. Is it any wonder why the progressive left accomplishes nothing? So many so tightly bound to their anger and seeing enemies everywhere. Sad


I’m not accusing you of anything. I’m correctly identifying the place that used those tactics during the last campaign.


You have, and I see that you edited or removed your previous post.


You can click on the pen and read the part I took out. None was accusing you of anything. I’m simply trying to put you on ignore.


That doesn’t answer my question. Look up the definition of “Sell out”, and tell me what Bernie got in the bargain. I offered you a plausible / rational reason for his endorsement of Clinton after he lost (essentially, he sloppily allowed himself to get maneuvered into agreeing to that and after promising, had no realistic alternative.)

But you can express your own opinion as you have. I just won’t condemn him, completely write him off the way you have…even though as a donor I too am not happy with all of his decisions.

As for the "trying to start WWIII:
a) That’s quite hyperbolic, don’t you think?
b) I agree that he should have stayed completely away from the topic.
c) U.S. foreign policy has admittedly not been his strongest suit. He has been far too silent on too many issues of concern. But I think his basic values are still intact.
d) He is still trying to help enable a progressive takeover of the DP; a calculus that is still arguably reasonable whether you and I think it’s feasible or not. This is a basic question for which I have not even myself come to a solid conclusion. While history & trends do not suggest a high degree of likelihood for success, neither do they show a high degree of likelihood of success of creating a successful third party in our remaining life-times. I say this as one who initiated the creation of a Green Party group in my region, decades ago.

Ok, now that i’ve just read your “trying to ignore”, I’ll respond in kind. No more exchanges between us would be my preference as well. This kind of hatred I see way too often and I see no value in continuing. Bye, good luck; I won’t attempt any further replies to any of your comments and ask you to reciprocate.