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Taking Stock, Progressives Say Democratic Party Needs 'a Reckoning'

Taking Stock, Progressives Say Democratic Party Needs 'a Reckoning'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) needs a reckoning, progressives said this week as the dust from President-elect Donald Trump's historic upset settled.


We need to overturn the Citizens United decision and get money out of politics. Money in our elections and corporate control of our economy have always been harmful as the late Howard Zinn wrote in 2007:

“The Democrats and the Republicans do not dispute the continued corporate control of the economy. Neither party endorses free national health care, proposes extensive low-cost housing, demands a minimum income for all Americans, or proposes a truly progressive income tax to diminish the large gap between rich and poor. Both support the death penalty and the growth of prisons. Both believe in a large military establishment, in land mines and nuclear weapons and the cruel use of sanctions against the people of Cuba.”

The only exceptions to this nine-year-old statement are the current fight to increase the minimum wage and the recent move to normalize our relations with Cuba. And I think that not much progress has been made on either one. The Democratic Party has wandered far from the vision of FDR. It cares not one iota for working people, and they know it. The Democratic Party needs a big makeover.


They damn well better, or this country will descend even further into darkness, and we’re already too damned close to the bottom – Hillary and Trump are proof of that!


Forget makeover, this party needs to be burned at the stake so that a new [phoenix] party can rise from its ashes.


During the run up to the election I met 2 young women in a working union setting, both in their 20s, and both white. Education levels were GEDs and minor state computer training. Both had children out of wedlock (4) and both were going to vote for the 1st time. Both get large subsidies for day care, etc., so they can work. Both voted for Trump after prodding from Bible thumping, gun rights spouting, Union guys. Who told them Hillary Clinton was a Wicca-worshipping woman coming to take their guns away. It is this bad out there. Time for a serious checkup from the neckup for Progressive thinkers and Union rank-and-file people. They look a lot like Neo-Trumpists, and worse, right now. And, fyi- fuck them all.


I’ve seen little mention of this, but do the “Big D” Democrats realize how badly they f*&(ed) the down-ticket by selecting “Hillary” as their champion? From what I’ve seen, if it does briefly attract their attention, like a passing yawn, it was almost without notice.

Here in the heartland, in NW Indiana, we’re strong union, blue-collar, working-class sort of people. The 3-counties are… …used to be… …reliably “D.” We voted for Obama, at least once. But we’ve been losing jobs here-- good-paying jobs-- and the jobs that depended on those jobs, much in thanks to trade-agreements like those that the Clinton’s championed. And we see the hurt and destruction all around us, each and every day.

And then the union stewards told us to support “Hillary,” to vote for “Hillary” because it’s in our best interests and because the union supports her, and because we’re Democrats… …she deserves the same support that we gave Obama and every Dem before him.

And what’d he do for us? Bend over-- here’s Obamacare! Open wide, TPP!

…you Uncle Tom motherfu%$ers. Damn you. On my grandchildrens lives, Gawd damn you. You shill for the corporatists that stole bread from our table and robbed our children of their futures? You’re lucky we only voted for Trump…

And a lot of us only voted for Trump-- punched straight “R” ticket and walked out of the polls in disgust and seething anger…forgot about Bayh and Gregg… …Oops.

In Indiana, the State Party (D’s) is just a bunch of mini-me, corporatist suck-ups who wish they were in the “Big-Game” and who could care less about the “little-d” locals. The unions are pretty much the same damn thing, sucking up to dems 'cause they always have and because they’re better than the rank-and-file that they’re obliged to represent. And the “Big-D’s” left the working people long ago, and so we’ve left them… …no surprise, huh? Now today we working people are leaving the unions and “little-d’s” because face it, you’ve changed. Uncle Tom has such soft hands…

Yeah, for the first time in many, many decades, Porter County nearly flipped to Republican. Wow, one of the last Democratic bastions in the state, imagine that… …but the Democrats proven repeatedly that they have more in common with Wall Street than anyone strolling in downtown Chesterton or Valparaiso.

I bump elbows with the “little-d” elected officials at the diner, run into them while shopping, and most of them are decent and personable people-- I really honestly like a lot of them. But when it comes to bread-and-butter, and you suck-up to those who are taking food off of our table, we’re a lot better off without you.


Democrats must make a “conscious decision to separate themselves from the corporate villains who are to a large extent funding their campaigns,” he added.

Oh my God, this is pure comedy gold! Piglets must make a conscious decision to separate themselves from the sow’s teat that is filling their bellies with milk.

Both rather implausible goals, although I believe the second may be marginally more achievable.


Right now as we are reading this, the elites of the Democratic Party are meeting with their Wall Street benefactors on how to retain control in 2-4 years from now for the inevitable populist backlash against Trump and his reichstag. Indeed from the moment Trump was declared the winner, they met in the war room to begin forging strategies to enable them to make sure that the wave of victories for Democrats in 2018 & 2020 will be by folks riding their horses.
By the way, that is the top priority right now for the corporatocracy.


Once again, wise and sage words from Bernie Sanders. The so called centrist democrats (code word for sellouts) have destroyed the party and everyone now knows it. It is a party without power or a soul. It is time from the progressives to move in, sweep the dead weight out and set a bold agenda. This day of reckoning was going to happen. It was just a matter of when.


What a day, What a day
For an auto-da-fe!


Your bread and butter comes from methane spewing, industrialized farming ( CAFOS ) that are owned by the likes of Con-Agra ( how ironic ) and others ( like Murphy Bros ), who could care less about the sacred land and water we all need to exist. All you have is new anxiety, new awareness of being personally uncomfortable, needing more money for personal consumption, et al ( Jesus says in your Bible that you can kill " the other " to get it ). I’m sad for you that you’d lose your humanity for a 2017 Dodge Cummings Quad Cab, so you can " coal roll " brown people on bicycles, who are just trying to get to work for $10 an hour. Try on some new shoes, and walk a mile or two, for the First Nations folks in N.Dakota who are trying to save their sacred lands, earth, water and air. You’re guns and crackers offering isn’t needed, either. Just come without the " me,me,me " attitude and prior privilege guarantees. P.S. Get out of your zero sum game and phony-ass " heartland " meme. Where you live was communal-owned by First Nations people and built up by black slaves. Things will not always be so " honkydory ", going forward for you and Uncle & Auntie Whitey. Deal with it.


Your harshness is uncalled for. There is no healing in hostility.

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What part of healing involves racism, a priori white privilege and mysogony by Bible thumping " heartlanders " who whine about being in a Union and a militia. And, support " white law and order " from Neo-Fascist organizations like the FBI & Homeland Security.

Many of us post at this site are well aware of the damage the Clinton machine has done for decades. Many readers of CD voted for Jill Stein (36%). She had a great platform - if you bothered to read it.

I, for one, don’t blame you for voting for Trump, loathsome though he is. He was the only one left that was challenging the status quo - and the status quo sucks. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for him, but I find (to my surprise) that I am deeply relieved that it’s not Hillary.

The resistance to the status quo has a strong foothold - in this country and around the world. We don’t know what awfulness or possible good Trump may do. But the fact that he was elected in opposition to the PTB encourages me. It won’t be overnight, but I do believe we are witnessing the end of an era. It’s up to us what we replace it with.

Peace to you


Ashes from anything as rotten to the core (that is, the Party’s DNA) as the Democratic Party might not work, though "hope springs eternal in the human breast.” Perhaps better to start with our (humankind) basic needs and proceed from there.

Moonpuppy - my post below to mrsannhitts was meant for you. Hers will follow.


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This is your reply from me. The other was meant for moonpuppy.

The issues are so much more nuanced than you represent. Many of the Trump supporters are not bigots, etc. etc. They have voted for Trump in virulent opposition to the powers that be. We needed that to happen. The status quo isn’t working for a huge majority (85%?) of us. HRC was going to make ‘incremental’ changes and if she wasn’t able to do that she would blame in on the republican.

Trump is almost certain to be the dying gasp of a failed system. And maybe he’ll even turn down the war volume and nix a very toxic ‘trade’ deal.

It’s not all over now. This is a transitional phase. It has taken a long time for us to wake up to what politicians have done to us, but many are awake now, and that awakening will run gladly through the population.



Get off your highhorse, sister. I gave $$$ to Sen. Sanders and Stein/Greens. I voted for Stein, etc., too. I voted for Gov. Kate Brown ( openly bi-sexual ) and it goes on and on… but the Peace Sign reminds me of Nixon-loving, long haired Republicans from wayback, who told McGovern supporters they were Un-American and fag lovers. Ho Chi Minh had you opportunists pegged from 1946, " just try a little of this special privilege apple ", unfortunately, it still works in politics.

OK. Keep being hateful about it. You are only making yourself miserable. The rest of us are unlikely to continue to engage. Your anger is neither appropriate or helpful.



The Democrat Party is just another Party representing the interests of plutocrats and the war and espionage industries. They Party elite may play musical chairs, but those in power will not give up their power. Look how fast they quashed talk of fundamentally ‘restructuring the nomination process’. Pundits and Democrat Party ‘leaders’ are already pushing the argument that the loss to Trump proves that they need to move right in order to appeal to the ‘Center’.