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Taking the Next Knee

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/09/17/taking-next-knee

Bravo to all our athletes for following the lead in 1968 of Carlos and Smith! May you continue to stand up and down as required to speak truth to power! I salute all of you.


I thought the Big 14 voted to play on Wednesday.

Instead of buying into trumps evil intent to divide us by race and class, more energy should be spent on empowering the principled actions of all people who speak-out against racism and exploitation of hate, including sports figures.
If Roger Goodell really means what he claims, make sure a place for Colin Kaepernick to return to his chosen place and profession is opened - he is already a hero to millions of thoughtful people and deserves great respect for his integrity and activism! Does Goodell have the integrity?

Do you really think that these highly paid celebrities really care about civil rights? Back when they had fans, there was a few of them bending the knee> Very few. Then my book EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE came out, and the numbers watching sports was reduced greatly. That book buried tv and entertainment, specifically sports. Then Kapernick, who I give credit to, was fired, and with the threat of suspensions for protestors, all protesting stopped. My book ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH was circultated, and even less people watched sports, as I had proven that football players (and others)were bought wussies, that money dictated their lives, and that none were principled enough to risk their riches as Kapernick had. So why are they now protesting? To bring back their audience, and to rake in the money as it is in danger of being lost. Athletes have never taken real measures of risk for civil rights. Kapernick deserves credit, but I have risked my life and freedoms for years, losing my freedom at times, and continue the fight. The athletes are bought wussies. They wont even risk two weeks of salary, as wealthy as they are.