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Taking to Water and Air, Climate Campaigners Thwart Shell's Arctic Drilling Fleet


Taking to Water and Air, Climate Campaigners Thwart Shell's Arctic Drilling Fleet

Sarah Lazare, staff writer

Climate justice campaigners rappelling from a towering bridge and paddling in kayaks have so far successfully blocked Shell Oil's fleet from leaving Portland, Oregon's port to embark on a widely opposed drilling expedition in the Alaskan Arctic.


The response to the BP Horizon spill was largely to prevent public observation of the effects. The remote Arctic is being championed by these wonderful kayaktivists, who I thank from the bottom of my heart. I’ve stepped in too many tar balls on the Gulf of Mexico’s coast to count. I worked with the EPA following the spill in Prince William Sound to develop beach remediation protocols–which are not promising in the least. I’ve discussed the Horizon spill’s effects on the wetlands in Louisiana with field scientists. I’m convinced prevention is the only cure. Of course, most of you knew that anyway.


The shore of Prince William Sound still had a tar colored and textured bath tub ring at high tide level when I visited there in Spring 2001, 12 years after the Exxon Valdez spill.


Thank you Portland. I was just there visiting a few weeks ago and you make me proud to have lived there for so many years. Thank you Greenpeace.


It persisted at least until 2004 when I visited. It took neither too long nor too deep to find cobble that was more or less asphalted into place. Down on the Kenai Peninsula one can see the impact of ecological succession of glacial retreat at Exit Glacier near Seward. The barren landscape is closest to the ice, the nitrogen fixers are moving in behind them, and there are hardwoods further back (actually toward the sea), as I recall. A fascinating and painful nature lesson all in one.


Many people volunteered to help with the clean up in both cases. You however imply a professional connection with the EPA to develop beach remediation protocols? In what capacity did you provide this assistance? You again imply professional qualifications 'discussing with field scientists? I’m not sure what you mean exactly but in any case, what kind of scientists were they and employed by whom? Please elaborate.


“tacit approval” - tacit? How about direct, open, approval and facilitation …


The powerful meet the people. Whether the powers that be want to admit it, the power of the people changes the way things are done. It changed Segregation! It changed the Vietnam War. It will change the sense of impunity that the powerful expect to have whenever they get their way by hook or by crook.

Sometimes it is almost like the oligarchy believes >>> “Hey we bribed the congress so now it is legal!” is all there is to it. The people weren’t bribed… and that is becoming evident and will be much more in evidence in the future. Just like occupy caught on … these kayaktivists and rapellervists are showing us the future. People blockaded streets during Vietnam… they blocked ports … right this second.

Power to the people and thank you from all of them to those people out there in Oregon.

Occupy the Port!!!


Obama is A Phycho in the true sense of the word-
To green lite Arctic Drilling after what happened in the Gulf defies every form of logic known to man- This guy is exactly the kind of leader we don’t need-
I worked on the North Slope of Alaska as A “keep the oil in the pipe” Inspector- I lost my career when I couldn’t stand the corruption of falsified inspection reports, the long overdue inspection of that miles and miles of 4,000 psi/36" Gas Line that was about to blow up in everyone’s face and change the geography of Prudhoe Bay and dump massive amounts of oil in the Arctic Ocean- (Two 10" feeder lines to well pads actually went to failure when the Inspection began-They couldn’t even find one of the 60 foot pipe joints- Pressure alone without ignition!) When trying to expose this to our Government, I was laughed at and warned by 2 Government auditors from Oak Ridge Tennessee- “Whistle Blowers don’t work for A long time”…I lost my 35 year career and have been “Black Listed” by BP…
My last year up there I spent A few weeks on BP’s latest Beaufort Sea investment, North Star-A man made island that has an oil line on the ocean bottom carrying over 100,000 barrels A day to shore- The very same conditions as the Deep Water Horizon existed on that rig- While inspecting the gas section near the top of that rig there was gas spewing everywhere from the high pressure manifolds and inside the several compartmentalized gas modules- My partner and I repeatedly warned the “Safety Man” and the Control room operator-all of which fell on deaf ears…I was told that they had talked with the vendor and that he old them to "just tighten up all bolts and fittings, and that was all that was said- Just one spark would have set that rig off-I refused to go back out there for safety concerns…
This is the true BP mentality- All that mattered is that they were getting oil to shore and so they just slapped that rig together as fast as they could and damn the consequences-This is their “Safety Culture” and I have no reason to believe Shell Oil to be any different-
They are all just accidents waiting to happen and they literally OWN this Government…
These brave people in Seattle, Oregon and Greenpeace activists/heroes are dong the right thing and I am so damn proud of their actions and hope the best for them in keeping that rig out of Alaskan waters…


True heroes, all.
Contrast them with Obama and Hillary, ad nauseum, and they are saints.


thanks for your efforts at being a whistleblower too stubones49


“Developments and updates are being posted to Twitter:”

Seems like the author forgot to paste in the hashtag. Does anyone know the most relevant hastag(s)?


I totally appreciate your recognition Psychedelic_Chicken- It really does mean a lot to me to read these words…


Our research group worked with the EPA labs in Athens, GA and Cincinnati, OH on subsurface application techniques for nutrient stimulation/facilitation of bioremediation of hydrocarbons. There were a lot of challenging problems involving physics, chemistry and biology. Fortunately we had a well-rounded team. We mostly focused on modeling but in the end did develop a working mesocosm in an acquired shipping container. One major problem with the bioremediation approach in the Arctic environment would be the lack of thermal energy to keep the bugs humming. Nasty, unpredictable weather would be another. Those kayakers are heroes to be putting up the fight.


I’ve been supporting Greenpeace from the sidelines for years.

Just plain inspiring what they do.

History will look back and call them the real heroes.


Greenpeace will get my money.


The break away group “Sea Shepherds” under Captain Paul Watson’s command are also equally inspiring in their endless aggressive campaign to end the slaughter of whales-


Admire and support them as well. Every bit helps.


Yes, I thought as much and my remark wasn’t directed at you, only to you!


And 20 and again 25 years later it was the same. Greg Palast continues to report on the effects of the spill.

Exxon and BP are both responsible; BP repeated the same criminal negligence in the Gulf of Mexico with even worse results. The corporate leaders, lawmakers and regulators should all be in prison nearby, allowed out to work on cleaning up the sites by hand.