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Taking Weapon Out of Trump's Arsenal, Obama Finally Kills Bush-Era Muslim Registry


Taking Weapon Out of Trump's Arsenal, Obama Finally Kills Bush-Era Muslim Registry

Jon Queally, staff writer

With a President Donald Trump on the horizon, civil liberties advocates applauded President Barack Obama on Thursday after his administration announced the end of a federal registration program for Muslims and Arab immigrants.

Established by the George W. Bush administration in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System (NSEERS) was criticized since its inception as regressive attempt to profile individuals based on their national heritage and religion.


This is great.
Why didn't he do this seven and half years ago?


Another good move as Obama rides into the sunset. Anything Trump and his brownshirts want to do/destroy should be clearly (for all to see) place on him/them.


My question is, "did that include the erasure of the accumulated records or are they still available for Trump revive and abuse them?"


Trump will just decree a new registry and even NPR will back him up.


Another good move to limitTrump. Unfortunately Trump seems destined to be a great recruiting tool for ISIS and other such groups. These jihadists groups no doubt could have never dreamed that Americans would elect someone so stupid and uniformed about foreign policy to be president.


Wouldn't Congress be required to act for a new registry?


Trump won't be bound to things like Congress.


Actually it has been a class of gangster intellectuals bent on advancing corporate interests that brought us first Al Qaeda, and now ISIS.


and with every so-called terrorist we kill, about 3 more are created (ok, just a guess)


And this was not done 95 months ago why again?


Were this only a "Bush era" Muslim registry, it would have been killed in 2009, no?

It is interesting comparing this with the otherwise quite reasonable recent offense at Trump's brag that he would register Muslims.