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Tale of Jamal Kashoggi Killing Only Getting More Gruesome


Tale of Jamal Kashoggi Killing Only Getting More Gruesome

Eoin Higgins, staff writer

The tale of last year's brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi took another disturbing turn Sunday.

In a documentary that aired Sunday night, Al Jazeera Arabic laid out evidence that the network says strongly indicates Khashoggi's body was incinerated in an oven in the Istanbul, Turkey, home of the Saudi consulate general. The corpse was transported to the residence in multiple bags before being burned, the documentary claims.



Can we draw any conclusion other than the fact that Jared Kushner – tutored in crime and intimidation by a corrupt father and father-in-law – is down for mafia-style hits on journalists?

And for someone supposedly hard at work on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, he sure does spend a lot of time in the blood-soaked arms of Crown Prince MBS.



There are rumors that he was dissected while still alive. These people aren’t above beheading people as a national sport, that isn’t so far fetched.

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So I don’t know which is worse, i.e., the least civilized: the murderous sociopath MBS and his craven cadre or the “leaders” of the esteemed United States of Amerika all fellating the prince and his cabal.



The latter is definitely worse for the following reason: At least we know that Saudi royalty has always been ruthless, violent and dictatorial. But Trump on the other hand poses as someone who loves America and disavows any wrongdoing, be it with MBS or Russia or anyone else. Its all fake news according to him. As they say, better the devil you know…

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Can’t you just see god crying in his/her/its beer and wailing “I’m sorry! I’m sorry! The idea of Adam and Eve was just a humongous mistake!”



Sounds like a jolly good bunch of lads to hand over some nuclear technology to! What could go wrong? https://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/03/04/giving-bomb-saudi-arabias-dr-strangelove



An actual comment of mine from 2 weeks ago:

"Setting up a 13th-century theocracy known to support militant jihadists with nuclear capabilities.

What could go wrong?"