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'Talk About Direct Action Getting Results': Bankrupt Blackjewel Agrees to Pay Over $5 Million to Laid Off Coal Miners Who Blocked Train Tracks

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/25/talk-about-direct-action-getting-results-bankrupt-blackjewel-agrees-pay-over-5

Direct action works, and in many cases, it’s the only thing that will work.
You might have to fight, might even get injured.
But it’s worth it.
Cowardice is too pervasive in the USA.


Wages covered.
Pensions not.
Executives darn lucky and the company’s lawyers too.
Harlan County workers history has had more than just sit ins over the past 120 years.


I forget who wrote these lines:
! " The Mind is the Builder,"
2." If you can imagine it, you can achieve it,"

BUT the coal miners proved these ideas true! And they have just inspired a whole lot of people! : )


Had these miners not persisted, the Corporation in question would have used bankruptcy laws and legal machinations to continue to operate and churn profits even as it refused to pay these workers wages owed. There can not be many clearer examples of how the law has been structured to protect the one percent and their scared right to profit at the expense of workers and their wages.

This thing called “the Free market” is a crock. The market has been designed to put the worker class at disadvantage and to grant every benefit possible to the 1 percent. This is what your lawmakers are tasked with doing by their owners and it how Governments are hijacked and co-opted by the 1 percent even as guys like the Koch brothers hide behind “The Government is bad” memes.

Government is “bad” only because the 1 percent owns them.

This is not new. Read some Peoples History of the United States or go right back to the time of those charlatans called the “Founding fathers”. They too were a group of crooks using the people and the powers of Governments that they owned to line their pockets with wealth.

The 1 percent is the enemy. The system called Capitalism that creates this one percent is the enemy.

How many of these coal miners now paid will go out and vote for Trump and the Republicans? How many would prefer a Biden or a Clinton over a Sanders? One is too many and a lesson not learned. (Both Biden and Clinton helped pass bankruptcy reform laws that made it easier for Corporations to escape debt via bankruptcy proceedings even as they made it harder for the American worker to do so)


Too many elderly americans with medicare and a supplementary are going bankrupt. I read that this group is about 25 to 30% of bankruptcy filings. Medical has no mercy rule.

The school system is used very effectively to train people to go along and not make any waves. Line up here, stand over here. Raise your hand to talk etc. when I was a kid we had these drills where we had to get under our desks called duck and cover.
This was supposed to protect us from a Russian attack with nuclear weapons. Meanwhile, we were shown pictures of mushroom clouds. I clearly remember thinking as a 7 year old that this was ridiculous and our desk wouldn’t save us. I also could not understand why the Russians would do this if it meant killing themselves too. I decided that this Russian stuff was probably a lie told by adults.
I have always been a critical thinker it kept me in trouble my entire youth. There are never many people who can lead and even less who can critically think for themselves. The system makes sure one way or another that we get in line and stay there.


for me the trouble lasted until senior years when I’ve finally learned which fights to pick would yield benefits to me and which do not. I hope the ride becomes more easy eventually?

“Find the cost of freedom buried in the ground” a woeful song like flip side “Ohio”, telling us of the cost of protests and war.
Perhaps our greedy fossil fuel producers think it sings of oil, gas, and coal as the freedom buried in the ground.