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'Talk About Not Getting It': Trump Campaign to Flash Names of Donors During SOTU

'Talk About Not Getting It': Trump Campaign to Flash Names of Donors During SOTU

Jon Queally, staff writer

Panned as just the latest example of Trump using the presidential office for financial gain was news the Trump campaign on Monday sent an email to supporters offering to reward donations by having their names "flashed on the screen during a broadcast" of the president's State of the Union address Tuesday night.

"My fellow Americans, the state of the union is: for sale."

Holygeezer makes a good point, which i look at from the opposite direction:

It is time to remove corporate names from all public institutions, such as sports stadiums.

The fact that such blatant ownership and advertising aroused no movement of resistance, brings to mind the simile of the frog in heating water… water that is now coming to a boil…


Is it “Not getting it”, or just good old rubbing our noses in it? I’m inclined to believe the latter.


I liken it to the P.T Barnum adage "There is a sucker born every minute"
Trouble is for the ringmaster eventually people wise up and quit going to the circus.

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If I could, I would amend the US Constitution to require DC politicians to wear jumpsuits covered with corporate logos advertising their sponsors, just like racing car drivers wear.


As saddening and telling this is of the corporate ownership of democracy, I have to emit that this is a great fundraising idea. The Trump reelection campaign knows that it will need all the money it can get and doesn’t care how that is done. Also it is a way for the Trump administration to brag about how many people are donating to it, because even if a “relative” few actually donate it’ll look like a lot of people are donating.

More corroboration of what I said upon Trump’s election a year ago: Trump running for POTUS and being elected was probably the best business decision of his life!

Emolument clause? Seems to be non-existent!

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Why are we being governed by paradingTIKI torch bearers screaming racist crap? 10.6 million more people voted for someone other than Trump, yet here we are. 7.6 million voted for the spoilers and Hillary got 3 million more votes. Can’t we fix this flaw? I have read article 11 section 1 several times. The framers must have been smoking some really fine “stuff”

Great get the owners of our “so-called” democracy out in the open. No more big effen secret. Times up boys show you greedy faces.

The sign above is partly true except it needs to be changed to : THANK YOU CHRISTIAN, FASCISTS! FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP.

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Are you one of those who still believe “Nader gave us Bush?” The use of the term “spoiler” is loaded, as you must know by now; so what and how exactly did Stein and Johnson “spoil?”


I agree. He is catering to his groupies, and their infatuation with money and his gold-plated brand is such they will feel honored and excitedly call their friends to boast about being on TV. All the, like, really smart stable geniuses out there.

I wonder if Trump was put into a large pot of lukewarm water, then heated to boiling, if he would jump out, or just pick up the phone and call for another porn star.

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I guaran"fucking"tee you that Jill Stein would have done a much better job as President than Donald “Arnold Palmer” Trump has.


Those corporate logos would get changed every month when they get a better bribe or pay-off. The only people they care about are the ones who offer the highest return on investment.

For some reason Trump’s political organizations thinks I’m one of his followers so they send me all their polls. I use them to gleefully condemn him, Pence, Ryan, McConnell, Grassley and any other of his neanderthal minions that have gotten my attention. I got this scrolling name offer earlier today. I urge all of you to make a $1 contribution in, say, Putin’s name, or any of the many white supremacists, homophobic, trans-phobic misogynistic and/or Nazi cretins that he has emboldened. The smallest multiple choice amount is $5 but you can change it to $1. If my experience is common, you can make the donation in anyone’s name, but you will have to use the correct info for your credit card. I hope to see the names of Vladimir Putin and Pootie Putin scroll across the screen this evening. The website is [https://secure.donaldjtrump.com/sotu-2018]

Here is a decent article on Democrats:

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Stupid article. The Left is so lost it’s crazy. We’ve got the White House reorganizing DOJ and FBI as a partisan operation for the president, abetted by Congress, and idiots are still worried about the all-powerful (not) DNC. Candidates run in districts and they win, sometimes with party support, sometimes not. Guess the communists were right, the real problem was the socialists in the Weimar Republic. Fucking amazing.

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Religion stifles intelligence. Standard operating procedure.

Yes we could have prevented this flaw, stop voting for the single party with two names. We could have President Stein right now.

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