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Talk of Impeaching Trump May Be Premature, But Its Time Will Come


Talk of Impeaching Trump May Be Premature, But Its Time Will Come

Bill Blum

Donald Trump has yet to be inaugurated, but talk of impeachment has been in the air since the day after the election. It’s been promoted by an array of influential commentators, both progressive and conservative—from filmmaker Michael Moore on the left to New York Times columnist David Brooks on the right.


Impeach Mike Pence along with Dump.


Under normal circumstances (and these are not), Trump is a sitting duck for action to remove him from office once he takes it, to stop him from taking office, but the DP is too busy in-fighting to have the backbone and balls to really do what they were elected to do, so all this print about impeachment, etc. is a waste.

Biden in 2020? Give me a freaking break. The DP is still playing the same playbook that destroyed them (with a lot of help from HRC who they are still whining about), so their chances in 2020 much less two years from now are zero. Pelosi and the same old tired professionals who burned the Party to the ground are still in place and wandering around like chickens with their heads cut-off and Ostriches with their heads stuck in the ground. Sanders, Warren (a sell-out), Biden, Pelosi--all of them and dozens more need to go.

More than one has commented that Trump will never complete 4 years only because of who he is psychologically. Conman. Liar. Short attention span. He is no 9 to 5'er or a friend of the people. He likes the game, the deal, being on top, being in charge and being the President is not part of any of that. I've stated this before, Pence is the real problem. Trump is all over the place and loves the attention, creating havoc. Pence is a different animal.


There's no bigger phony nor enemy of progressive politics than Pelosi, whose wealth is recently stated as $150 million. The most politically provocative statement of the past years, that "impeachment is off the table," her take on the criminal disasters of Bush when she was speaker, told everyone what to expect in the years ahead (and was almost universally ignored). It's no accident that you never hear her speak out on behalf of people or anything remotely progressive. Put her on a stake in a cornfield, keep them crows from getting what she'd have us eat. Nancy Pelosi is a despicable, disgusting elitist, a political coward of the highest order.


The only scarier than the Trump presidency right now would be to impeach him and put Mike Pence in power. Trump is simply a buffoon, while Pence is a calculating and evil force that would do some real serious damage -- not that Trump can't, but loose cannons don't always hit something.

I hope the Democrats have the wits and the guts to oppose a Trump impeachment.


Trump has a very short time to try to enact all his insane ideas. If this country isn't on their knees by the next election he will lose the house and senate thereby allowing for impeachment. That is if it isn't done by then. I don't think he will finish the first term if he goes ahead with the promises on the campaign trail.


Impeachment be damned...the only remedy for T-dump, Pence, and Bannon is "the chair" or banishment to the Gulag where their friend, Putin can visit.


Yes, and send him to a cave with his bahble!


We'll see money talks.


Pence will probably be running the country- just like Cheney.


I have only seen her speak a couple of times on CSpan. She sounded progressive, but one had to read between the lines as well. Wasn't her father in politics also?


Pence is downright scary- has some of the most stringent anti choice laws in the country-. when are people going to admit that this is a personal issue- oh yeah it works as campaign fodder for the wingnuts.


Sounds good in theory- but those theocrats would be shaking in their pews while holding their bibles.


Maybe. One difference is the intensity of personalities and their motivations. W just wanted to go along and get along without having to do any hard work. Trump, on the other hand, works hard at making sure his brand (read "his ego") is advanced. That, in itself, as bizarre as it seems, may be a good thing when Pence starts mucking things up.