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Talking Sense About Immigration


Talking Sense About Immigration

Aviva Chomsky

The immigration debate seems to have gone crazy.


thanks amy and the entire democracy now! staff for all you do to keep us informed. your efforts in helping all of us attempt to make sense in the mad, mad mad, mad world are much appreciated. i emailed the democray now! staff on march 6 the following note, but haven’t as yet received a reply.

to Democracy Now! production staff:

I almost never, ever miss a Democracy Now! episode. Thank all of you for bringing all of us a well-rounded and balanced program! I feel much better informed thanks to all of you.

Sometimes, though, I shake my head and wish for more PEACE in the “war and peace” report. Just this past week I learned about Chicago’s Peace on Earth Film Festival and WOW! what a great opportunity to work toward PEACE and not against war. The festival takes place next week so it may be too late for this year, but wanted to give you ta heads up.

Thanks for ALL you do,

we so need to to focus on peace! the article appeared here on common dreams on march sixth of this year.

chicago’s annual peace on earth film festival


oops! never mind, i thought this posted by amy goodman.
i’ll have to try again. :blush:


This is an excellent article. Thanks very much.

Most things are like this when you step outside your comfort zone for a different perspective. There are multiple ways to look at this. We need see our chains unless we rattle them once in awhile. Cheers.


Democracy Now is great and always good to hear someone is enjoying it.


I repeat what I said in reply to the article about the ICE agent who just resigned rather than continue to lie in service of the regime’s agenda (paraphrasing Chief Seattle):

People do not own the Earth; the Earth owns us. We are all Earth’s children; what human (or human regime) has the authority to tell any of us where we may roam in our Mother’s lands?

Of course, for the descendants of Europeans, who claimed ownership of Turtle Island through genocide, to tell others who may and may not come here, is the most outrageous hubris!

Perhaps this regime is our final announcement: no accommodation with the lies at the root of modern history can lead to equity and justice.

Those of us moved by equity and Justice face stark choices now. It is always tempting to try to hold back the flood, to try to salvage some of the gains we feel we’ve established.

But that strategy doesn’t seem to be working, does it?

Perhaps it is only through giving up all the supposed gains we built on false foundations that we can actually progress now.

Perhaps it is only through consenting to what seems inevitable now—the utter destruction of our past—that we can participate in their regeneration, albeit in original forms.


well said!!!


I think in terms of Chief Seattle he meant that the earth is our mother that provides everything we need and that we should take care of it. We don’t own it and can’t take it with us when we leave. We can do that where ever we are.